Hollywood Marketer FansTang Hits 50 Million Social Media Followers in China

The company helps Western celebrities and athletes reach Chinese fans and consumers via a proprietary platform that integrates various Asian social media services.

FansTang, a digital marketing company that pitches Hollywood celebrities and athletes to the Chinese market, says it has reached 50 million followers across its accounts on China’s various social networks.

To enable its clients to reach Chinese consumers, the company has built a bilingual platform that allows talent to interact with fans directly on China’s myriad social media services, which are wildly popular, including Sina Weibo, Tenecent Weibo, RenRen and WeChat (similar to Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp, respectively), and video portals, Youku, Tencent Video and Sohu Video (similar to YouTube).

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"The key to monetizing China is to understand local Chinese consumers and provide them with what they want while creating competitive barriers in an area that local Chinese entrepreneurs cannot easily replicate on their own,” says FansTang CEO Adam Roseman. “We are seeing success in doing this because we are bridging the gap between China and Hollywood, not only for fans, but for celebrities as well.”

FansTang is owned by parent company China Branding Group and has 50 employees and offices in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Los Angeles.

The company says it currently manages social media accounts for 150 celebrities but keeps its client list private.