Hollywood Millennials Weigh In on Trump, Plan to Vote in Election

Donald Trump - Rally in Tamps - Getty - H  - 2016
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

According to a Hollywood Reporter survey of over 1,500 industry millennials, 90 percent say they plan on voting in the presidential election.

Hollywood millennials intend to do their civic duty on Election Day.

According to survey The Hollywood Reporter conducted of over 1,500 industry millennials age 20 to 30 years old, 90 percent plan on voting in the 2016 presidential election. Half of the survey takers are assistants, and the majority comprise those working at studios, networks, publicity firms, agencies and law firms.

When asked in a separate, more open-ended question to fill in the blank, "Trump is ____," responses varied from silly ("a dingus") to severe ("the scariest thing to happen to the world since Ebola"). Other more comical write-ins? "The longest running April Fool's joke the GOP has ever dropped," "whack AF [as f—]," and "Biff from the future that needs to be stopped."

Among the most common responses: "A Joke" (7 percent), "the worst" (5 percent), "terrifying" (3 percent), "an idiot" (3 percent), "awful" (3 percent), "scary" (3 percent), "dangerous" (2 percent), "a racist" (2 percent), "a f—ing idiot" (2 percent), "horrible" (2 percent), "an asshole" (2 percent), "disgusting" (2 percent), "ridiculous" (2 percent), "no" (1 percent), "dumb" (1 percent), "a dick" (1 percent), "Hitler" (1 percent), "crazy" (1 percent), "ugh" (1 percent) and "a monster" (1 percent).

While the overwhelming majority of the answers were negative, there were a handful of relatively neutral ones such as "an entertainer," "a small-handed magician," and "marching to the beat of his own drum." They made up less than 4 percent of the total write-ins.

Positives responses, while few, include "amusing and sometimes right," "ballsy," "nice guy that I'll never want as president but he's cool" and "the candidate with common sense who won't give all of our money away to poor people."