Hollywood Moms' Designing Daughters are Becoming FashionPlaytes

Is there an aspiring Donna Karan in your house? Find out by letting your daughter design her own clothes and have them created with her own label.

What young girl doesn't want to design her own clothes? Now there's a website that lets tweenage girls do just that, with the fashions then being professionally produced and sent to them to wear. Why, you may discover you have a budding Donna Karan, Vera Wang or Coco Chanel in your house.

FashionPlaytes is already popular with celebrity moms and their fashion-conscious daughters, who enjoy the interactive outlet for self-expression and an empowering alternative to store-bought clothes. We can't give away names (yet) due to confidentiality issues, but these famous daughters girls -- just like yours -- can create their own wardrobes online -  from tops to dresses, pajamas to accessories. They can even design matching doll clothes -- look out, American Girl! And did we mention that the girls can create their own models to try on the outfits on the site?

Your daughters can also create a personalized labels, so they can proudly show off their creations with their very own designer label. Who doesn't want their own fashion label? Like, OMG, right?

FashionPlaytes CEO Sarah McIlory is a mom of two, and had fond memories of designing clothes with her mother when she was growing up. When Mcllory became a mother to two girls, she wanted to pass on that experience to her daughters, but in a modern way. 

Thus was born FashionPlaytes! Launched in 2009, the company's headquarters are in Beverly, MA, and they still invite girls in on a regular basis to test out the experience - so all items sold on FashionPlaytes are kid-tested, parent-approved! FashionPlaytes took a big boost in August 2011 when it was featured on The Today Show. You can also check out their Facebook community page.

For holidays and for any special occasion, FashionPlaytes gift certificates are an original, affordable, gift for any independent, creative 'tween. With a FashionPlaytes gift certificate, she can customize her outfit online, and have it shipped right to her.  Gift certificates start at $20.

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