Where Hollywood Offloads Their Stuff After Tidying Up With Marie Kondo

Marie Kondo and Decades - Split-Getty-H 2019
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images; Courtesy of Decades

Check out these top five consignment shops in Los Angeles where stars and industry insiders send those clothes and other items that no longer 'spark joy.'

With awards season coming to a close, all those red-carpet and daytime press-event outfits (which may not have been borrowed, and now may not be associated with a win) could end up at some of these secondhand clothing clearinghouses, fueled by the possessions-curation craze stemming from Marie Kondo’s popular recent Netflix series.

And given the legendarily deep closets in Hollywood, as stars and industry execs let things go, high-end consignment shops, auction houses and charities around the area are receiving grade-A castoffs.

The Way We Wore | 334 South La Brea Avenue, L.A.

“We’ve had quite a few appointments since the New Year,” when Tidying Up dropped, “and I don’t think it’s a coincidence,” Doris Raymond, president of the LA high-end vintage boutique, tells The Hollywood Reporter. “It’s catching in Hollywood. I had an assistant of a high-powered name in a week and a half ago specifically mentioning that it was because of Marie Kondo.”

Julien’s Auctions | 8630 Hayden Plaza, Culver City

“[Celebrities] are “turning items they have in storage into cash or to benefit the charities or causes that are important to them,” owner Darren Julien confirms.

Decades | 8214 Melrose Avenue, L.A.

“Our dormant consigners seem to be stirring,” says proprietor and vintage king Cameron Silver. While he worries some big-names may be endangering their personal archives by over-editing, Silver hopes the KonMari method “isn’t like a fad diet” because, he underlines, it is fighting the good fight in Hollywood against disposable dressing. “With all the freebies and lending, it’s a big problem here. But you cannot do the method and think you can only wear something once. It is chic to repeat.”

Recess | 111 N La Brea Avenue, L.A.

“One older star who has been collecting for a long time recently decided it was okay to let some pieces sail on, Marie Monsod, owner of the designer clothing consignment boutique Recess, gives another example. “They’re great pieces, but they no longer do it for her.” Explains styler of Julia Roberts and Viola Davis, Elizabeth Stewart: “Stylists have been using [Kondo’s] concept subconsciously for years—we are editors, and we edit down to what makes our clients light up."

Resurrection | 8006 Melrose Avenue, L.A.

“If it’s not a 100 percent yes for us, then it’s a no,” adds stylist Leesa Evans, “and I have clients who are obsessed with decluttering, or who are just leaning harder into it now. If something isn’t right for [them], there are so many great outlets. Resurrection is one.”

The Room by The Colleagues | 3312 Pico Boulevard, Santa Monica

Those not concerned with making coin are handing things up to members of their staff or donating to charitable organizations. Started in the fifties to benefit the Children’s Institute, The Colleagues has long been the town’s do-good place to unload barely (or never) worn top-tier fashion. “When Hollywood folks downsize, we’re often the beneficiaries,” says volunteer Maty Novia.