Hollywood Photographers Markus+Indrani Release 'Icons' Portrait Book

Icons Cover - P 2012
ICONS © 2012 by Markus + Indrani, Running Press

Icons Cover - P 2012

The duo, who starred on Bravo's "Double Exposure," created a coffee table book featuring Lady Gaga on the cover.

Celebrity photographer duo Markus+Indrani are set to release a 200-plus page glossy book Icons: The Celebrity Exposures of Markus and Indrani worldwide on Nov. 13, which features Lady Gaga on the cover.

Icons is the pair's first full photography book. A 30-piece public art exhibition of the photographers' portfolio will launch at the VIP opening Dec. 11 at Lincoln Center in New York and will be open Dec. 12-16.

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Markus+Indrani starred in Bravo TV’s Double Exposure. The two met in the fall of 1994 when Markus was asked to photograph Indrani and have since worked together.

Markus Klinko, a former classical harp soloist who abandoned his musical talents due to a hand injury in the summer of 1994, chose to pursue fashion photography despite never having taken a picture. Indrani Pal-Chaudhuri, who grew up in India, found her passion in childhood: “At 14, I sought to assist a photographer who suggested I model instead, which was indeed an extraordinary way to learn from the top artists and directors around the world," she says.

Fashion icon Isabella Blow discovered the photographers and gave them their first magazine cover. Since then, Markus+Indrani have photographed scores of icons in Hollywood. Some of their most recent subjects include Kate Winslet, Katie Holmes, Anne Hathaway, Will Smith, Britney Spears and Kanye West. They shot Beyonce's Dangerously in Love album cover at the start of her solo career.

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More recently, Indrani, Markus, stylist and production designer GK Reid and fashion icon Daphne Guiness produced the short film The Legend of Lady White Snake, which showcased Guiness in costumes by Reid and never-before-seen Alexander McQueen. The film won Best Film, Best Director, Best Visual Effects and Best Fashion at the 2012 La Jolla Fashion Film Festival. "Daphne is famed for her visual communication, but bringing out for the first time her voice in poetry, and her sublime acting skills in the role of a snake demoness in love, was an extraordinary experience," Indrani said.

The photographer says she hopes the book inspires people to creatively pursue their passions. “I think being a fashion celebrity photographer is more similar to being a rock or pop artist,” Markus said. “And it is that freedom that I enjoy the most.”

Icons (Running Press, $25) is due out Nov. 13.

ICONS © 2012 by Markus + Indrani, Running Press