Hollywood Reacts to Stock Market Plunge

Michael Buckner/Getty Images

Monday’s crash and the recent downgrading of the country’s credit rating has the entertainment industry buzzing.

Hollywood is taking Washington to task for the nation’s recent financial crises. Concerns have been mounting since credit ratings agency Standard & Poor downgraded the U.S. from its longtime AAA status on Friday to AA, resulting in both serious concerns and light-hearted jokes among Twitter users.

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Modern Family writer Danny Zuker suggested that Henry Winkler take a cue from his Happy Days character and hit Washington.

“I feel like you need to go down to Wall Street, put on the old leather jacket, punch the stock market and fix it!” he suggested via Twitter.

“So tempted,” Winkler replied. “But the jacket is in Washington.”

Rapper Chamilionaire noted on Friday, “Yesterday @BeatBullies noticed how fast the stock market was falling & today we learn that the US lost its AAA credit rating. Crazy times.”

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“Dear Stock Market, Please try to use something other than abject terror to motivate your movements. The world is actually not falling apart,” wrote Eureka actor Colin Ferguson over the weekend. “Wow… Who knew all you had to do was to ask the stock market nicely…. (or all the e-traders gave themselves heart attacks and died.)”

The Office star Rainn Wilson couldn’t let the news pass without a joke. “If you sold your stocks today you’re a p**sy. F**k S & P. America is AAAA in my economic book,” he posted.

Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane thought, “Somehow a double-A credit rating seems more American anyway.”

“The economy is so bad, P.Diddy had to change is name to P.Diddly Squat,” wrote The Tonight Show host Jay Leno.

Chelsea Lately comedian Chris Franjola joked, “I saw Uncle Sam shopping at the 99 cent store.”

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