Hollywood Reacts to THR's Hilariously Awkward Jerry Lewis Interview

The uncomfortable sit-down with the famously difficult comedian quickly became a viral sensation.

The Hollywood Reporter's "trainwreck" sit-down, as editor Andy Lewis called it, with famously difficult comedian Jerry Lewis (no relation) quickly became the talk of the town after the awkward, seven-minute interaction, captured on video, was posted online on Monday.

Media outlets ranging from CBS News to Inside Edition to various overseas outlets picked up the video, which as of Wednesday morning was THR's most viewed video in history with more than 1.2 million viewers on THR.com alone in a single day. 

And Hollywood stars like Jerry Seinfeld, Tom Bergeron and Marc Maron took to social media to react, often finding humor in the discomfort. Even Sarah Palin chimed in, saying his behavior "sums up how I feel when I sit down for an interview."

Andy Lewis, meanwhile, says of the reaction to his interview: "I knew the video would get attention. I never knew it would get this much attention. I’m glad people find it as entertaining as I do, even if some of the laughs are at my expense."

The 90-year-old comedian was interviewed as part of THR's feature on creatives still going strong in their 90s.

Read on for some of the funniest reactions to the video.