Hollywood Reporter Reader Poll: What Is Your Favorite Awards Show?

Alfonso Cuaron onstage at the Oscars, Kacey Musgraves onstage at the Grammys and Phoebe Waller-Bridge onstage at the Emmys - Getty - Split - H 2019
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Weigh in and see which star-studded events readers prefer.

In 2019, it's clearer than ever that fans don't follow awards shows just for the telecasts.

With ratings plummeting across the board for the shows themselves in recent years, ceremonies have shown their durability in other ways: the endless media surrounding the awards race; the best-dressed slideshows; the viral memes and GIFs produced from a night of stars hanging out with each other; the monsoon of think pieces they leave in their wake; and the vibrant Twitter discussions picking apart and mocking every second of these vaunted evenings.

Who could forget 2017's Envelopegate at the Oscars, or the Kanye-Taylor feud, or Lizzo's tiny, tiny, tiny purse at the American Music Awards? The speeches can be boring — as in, "I would like to thank my thousands of representatives" — or iconic: Take Sally Field's "You like me! You really like me!" Fans have awards ceremonies to thank for the existence of many podcasts, entire publications and ceremony-specializing stylists.

But which are The Hollywood Reporter readers' favorites? Weigh in at the poll below or here and learn which events have earned the most votes so far.

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