Hollywood Reporter Reader Poll: What Is Your Favorite Social Platform?

Apps on phone - Getty - H 2019
Chesnot/Getty Images

Weigh in on Facebook vs. Instagram vs. TikTok.

Let's face it, social media platforms haven't been getting much love lately. Between Facebook's ongoing fallout over the Cambridge Analytica scandal, TikTok being hit with a lawsuit over allegedly sending a user's data to China, Twitter's stock troubles and Instagram's continued issue with influencers not disclosing paid posts, major social platforms have continued to attract bad press in 2019.

However, there have also been a few bright spots: Twitter got kudos from some after it banned political ads, while TikTok's popularity with teens has led to some public health initiatives starting on the platform, as well as teens posting short history lessons there.

According to a Pew study published earlier this year, the number of adults using social media has remained stagnant in 2019, compared with one year previously, showing that the growth of platform adoption has slowed. Still, about 69 percent of American adults use Facebook, while 73 percent of American adults use YouTube. Instagram and Snapchat are used by 67 percent and 62 percent of 18-to-29-year-olds, respectively.

So what is The Hollywood Reporter readers' favorite social media platform as of 2019? Weigh in below.