Hollywood Reporter's Late-Night Poll: Jay Leno Has Most Tea Party Viewers; Conan O'Brien May Have TBS Issues

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The new THR magazine found that only 35% of late-night audiences know where to find TBS; plus, if you're divorced, you're probably watching David Letterman and driving a Toyota.

Conan O'Brien's Nov. 8 talk show debut on TBS prompts many more questions than whether the NBC-spurned comic will go back to using Tonight Show material on his new network.

Will his fans follow him from NBC? Will he steal viewers from David Letterman and Jay Leno? And who are the people watching the plethora of late-night shows, anyway?

THR commissioned Penn Schoen Berland, a global research company that specializes in political and entertainment consulting, to conduct an online survey from a sample of regular late-night viewers ages 18-65.

Among the findings revealed in the new issue of The Hollywood Reporter on newsstands Tuesday:

-- Only 35% of viewers knew that O'Brien's new talk show will air on TBS.

-- Thirty-seven percent of Leno's viewers support the ultra-conservative Tea Party political movement.

-- Leno's viewers are mostly likely to be religious and drive a Chevy or Pontiac, while Letterman watchers are most likely to be divorced and drive a Toyota.

-- If all late-night shows aired at the same time, 23% of those surveyed would watch Leno, followed by Letterman with 15% and O'Brien with 11%.

-- Seventy-one percent of Jon Stewart's viewers support legalizing marijuana.

-- Asked who came out as the "winner" after NBC's Leno-O'Brien late-night debacle earlier this year, 36% cited Leno, compared to 21% for O'Brien.

-- O'Brien's viewers are more likely to listen to rap, while Stewart's fans lean toward classical music.

-- Fifty-one percent say that guests on a show actually drive interest in a movie.

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