Hollywood Reporter's Top 10 Web Stories for September and October

An erroneous report surfaced on blog deadline.com in the middle of the night about The Hollywood Reporter's online traffic.

In the outrageous post, the blog claimed to know from its own company's "research" the top-read stories of THR.com, but it is actually impossible for one site to know anyone else's most-read content. As anyone knowledgeable can imagine, if this were possible, this information would be widely reported in the course of media reporting.

ComScore reports that THR.com recently set a new all-time high traffic record in August, reaching 12.3 million global unique visitors. A full report from September is not yet available.

THR.com's top stories for the months of September and October (to date) are as follows:


1. 'Fifty Shades of Grey': Charlie Hunnam Drops Out of Movie
2. MSNBC President Wants 'Investigation' Into Fox News' 'Impossible' Ratings Gain
3. Katie Couric's Talk Show Teetering on the Verge of Cancellation
4. From 'American Horror Story' to 'Walking Dead,' How Horror Took Over Hollywood
5. James Woods: 'I Don't Expect to Work Again' in Hollywood
6. Darren Aronofsky, Paramount Spar Over 'Noah' Final Cut (Exclusive)
7. Box Office: 'Gravity' Soaring Friday, Eyeing $45 Million to $50 Million Domestic Debut
8. 4 TV Execs in Showdown: Fox's Reilly Calls Pilot Season 'Welfare State'; Sarandos' New Threat
9. Tina Fey, Amy Poehler to Host Golden Globes for Next Two Years
10. Vince Gilligan: 'Breaking Bad' Spinoff Could Feature Walter White Cameo


1. Hollywood's New Favorite Cars Are Armored and Electrified
2. Syria: Why Hollywood's Anti-War Voices Are Quiet
3. 'Breaking Bad' Spinoff: How AMC Almost Lost 'Better Call Saul' to Netflix
4. 'Batwoman' Co-Authors Exit, Claim DC 'Prohibited' Lesbian Marriage
5. Justin Bieber Teases 'Batman Vs. Superman' Role
6. Jeff Shell Moving to Universal Studios Job; Adam Fogelson Out
7. Katherine Heigl: From 'Knocked Up' to Nyquil Ads, Can TV Save Her Career?
8. Benedict Cumberbatch: Confessions of the 'Fifth Estate' Star
9. 'Big Bang Theory' Stars Seeking Hefty Pay Raise
10. 'Big Brother 15' Winner Revealed