New Book Explores Hollywood's Love of Bicycles

"Hollywood Rides a Bike" shows stars pedaling in movies, on studio lots and around the city.

Los Angeles maybe known as a car town, but Hollywood stars have always been bike fans. Hollywood Rides a Bike (Angel City Press, 160 pages) presents more than 125 vintage photographs of stars on their bikes.

Photos: Hollywood Rides a Bike

The photos include movie stills, backstage candids, and private photographs.  Among the photos are shots of Ray Walston playing bike polo, Jane Fonda crashing, and Sophia Loren precariously seated on the handlebars of Rik Battaglia’s bicycle.

Bike aficionados will appreciate thestreamlined angles, artful detail,and old-school craftsmanship on the cruisers and roadsters, folders and tandems, Englishlightweights and the occasional trike, triple- and high-wheeler.

Hollywood Rides a Bikeshows classic stars from Shirley Temple to Brigitte Bardot and Humphrey Bogart to Kevin Bacon riding on cool and classic cycles.  

For a selection of photos from the book click here