Hollywood Sex Abuse Accuser, Discredited By His Attorneys, Now Seeks to Avoid Deposition

Michael Egan Four Seasons Press Conference 4/21/14 - H 2014
Chris Godley

Michael Egan Four Seasons Press Conference 4/21/14 - H 2014

Michael Egan files an emergency motion to avoid having to testify under oath.

Just two days after essentially being branded a liar by his former attorneys, Hollywood sex abuse accuser Michael Egan has moved to postpone his scheduled deposition “indefinitely” on the grounds that it would be too traumatic for him. He had previously agreed to be deposed this Thursday.

The deposition is part of a countersuit by television executive Garth Ancier, who — along with director Bryan Singer and two others — was sued by Egan last year for molestation. Those suits collapsed in the face of Egan’s prior contradictory testimony and were withdrawn. All four men had denied the allegations.

Ancier, along with another former defendant, David Neuman, was exonerated Sunday when Egan’s former attorneys, Jeff Herman and Mark Gallgher, admitted that the teen sex abuse claims against them were “untrue and proveably false” and paid a seven-figure settlement to Ancier and Neuman.

That settled the countersuits against the attorneys, but Ancier’s suit against Egan continues. To date, Egan has not had to testify under oath and the “emergency motion” he brought Tuesday night seeks to avoid that.

The “emergency” nature of the motion seems inconsistent with a statement made in the filing in which Egan alleges he has “ongoing psychological difficulties,” which he claims are due to having suffered teen sexual abuse.

Egan, who was also previously scolded for lying by the federal judge in the case, pled guilty earlier this year in connection with unrelated fraud charges in which the FBI said he lied and forged documents over a five-year period. Court filings disclose that the FBI has collected over 121,000 pages of evidence on Egan. He is awaiting sentencing.

In a separate civil case — a 2006 lawsuit Egan filed about a business dispute with his brother — Egan’s own attorney also came to distrust him.

Like Egan, attorney Herman too has had serious credibility issues, having been previously suspended by the Florida Bar for eighteen months for dishonesty and barred for life from a federal court for a separate “credibility problem,” in the judge’s words.

Ancier’s efforts to hold Egan to account have traveled a long road. The countersuit was filed last June, a year ago, but Egan evaded service of process by Ancier for over a month, before finally being served in a Las Vegas casino men’s room. More recently, Neuman filed a countersuit as well, but he has been unable to serve the lawsuit on Egan.

Egan and his criminal attorney Mark Foster did not respond to a request for comment.

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