Hollywood Shares Their Comic-Con 2011 Experiences

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Hugh Jackman, Kellan Lutz and Felicia Day tweet their favorite geeked-out moments.

Thousands of fans infiltrated San Diego this week for Comic-Con, but among them were also plents of actors who were also getting their geek on. Many shared their Comic-Con experiences over Twitter, from their explorations in costuming to their experiences on panels.

Vampire Diaries writer Kevin Williamson described the scene as “geeks everywhere,” he tweeted. “I’ve found my planet.”

“Walking the floor at Comic Con,” the Scream writer continued. “My Chewie outfit is itchy.”

Executive producer and screenwriter of Lost Carlton Cuse tweeted about his own costume experience. “I can take walking around Comic-Con dressed as a Stormtrooper off my bucket list,” he wrote.

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Two of the most famous geek girls to ever attend the conference, Olivia Munn and Felicia Day, both tweeted about the costumes.

Olivia Munn tweeted a photo of herself dressing in her Sailor Moon costume. “Puttin on my Sailor Moon,” she wrote. “I ♥ Comic-Con. So much.”

The Guild's Felicia Day met a man in costume today, and even touched his backside. “I touched a Man's flanks today...er...centaur..,” she tweeted.

Several actors commented on the smells in the air, which is probably due to the massive amount of people at the convention.

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“Day 1 at Comic Con, and the sea air already reeks of Mountain Dew and internet,” wrote Aisha Tyler. “Ah...I love the smell of nerds in the morning.”

Conan O’Brien made a joke about the smell at Comic-Con. “I have arrived @Comic_Con. The air is thick with the smell of Cheetos and celibacy,” he wrote.

Twilight star Kellan Lutz, who attended the Breaking Dawn panel, tweeted,  “I love Comic Con! Huge thanks to all the amazing fans I've met and got to hang out with!”

Hugh Jackman was also excited for the conference, tweeting, “Just arrived in SD!! Love Comic Con, can't wait to see u guys soon.”

“Have some cool stuff to give away and a few surprises!!” he wrote.

Later, after Jackman surprised the crowd by passing out merchandise and promoting his film Real Steel, he exclaimed, “What a crowd!!!! Thanks for coming out!!”

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