Hollywood Sign Alteration Results in Several Arrests

Hollywood Sign
Getty Images

A couple of the enormous block letters were changed so the word read "Hollyboob."

The iconic Hollywood sign was altered on Monday, an incident that resulted in several arrests.

A couple of the enormous block letters were changed so the word read "Hollyboob," a stunt apparently to raise breast cancer awareness. Model Julia Rose took credit for the stunt via social media. "Guys.... I finally fixed the Hollywood Sign," she wrote along with a picture of the altered sign.

As many as six people were reportedly arrested and cited for trespassing. The sign has since been restored to normal.

Mark Panatier, chair of the Hollywood Sign Trust, told The Hollywood Reporter in a statement, "Through the efforts of LAPD’s Hollywood Division and the Park Rangers in Griffith Park, the Sign’s security and video monitoring system stopped vandalism today. It is unfortunate that there are those who think modifying the Sign is good sport but this renowned icon is to be appreciated not demeaned."

The Monday stunt is not the first time the sign has been tampered with as a prank or to make a statement. The previous occurrence was in 2017 when the sign was altered to read "Hollyweed" after California voters approved recreational marijuana.

The sign, situated on Mount Lee, in the Hollywood Hills, was originally created in 1923 when it read "Hollywoodland."

5:15 p.m.: Updated with a statement from the Hollywood Sign Trust.