Update: Hollywood Sign Decapitation Killing Might Involve Gay Love Triangle Gone Bad

From L-R: The crime scene; Hervey Medellin.

Eight months after the discovery of body parts, new documents point to the victim's boyfriend -- and another man.

This story first appeared in the Sept. 28 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine.

More than eight months after the discovery of a severed head, hands and feet in Griffith Park near the Hollywood sign, authorities still are investigating the mysterious case.

The grisly dismemberment of Hervey Medellin, 66, was said to have been connected to a Mexican drug cartel. Then speculation centered on Canadian porn actor Luka Magnotta, who was charged with the killing and dismemberment of a college student in May.

Even Brad Pitt was connected to the story, after investigators questioned his bodyguard because the star and Angelina Jolie have a home near the crime scene. But while Los Angeles Police Department investigators have said little since Medellin's remains were found Jan. 17, a search warrant affidavit obtained by THR reveals that they have focused on the victim's boyfriend, Gabriel Campos-Martinez.

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According to the 10-page affidavit served April 13, in a January interview with detectives, Campos-Martinez "provided inconsistent and suspicious statements" and consented to a polygraph test in which he was determined to be "deceitful of dismembering the victim's body and having knowledge of the victim's murder."

The affidavit noted that in an interview, Campos-Martinez said he had access to Medellin's bank account and knowledge of his Social Security number. And Campos-Martinez had been "researching the gold and diamond websites to possibly sell such items owned by the victim."

The affidavit required credit companies to provide reports for Medellin, Campos-Martinez and William Ladewig, the ex-boyfriend of Campos-Martinez whose apparent distaste for Medellin also appears to have caught detectives' attention. Under questioning, Ladewig said he "was still having a hard time with the breakup."

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And the affidavit notes that Campos-Martinez filed three crime reports in 2011 against Ladewig, who told his ex that he had "f---ed with the wrong guy" and that Medellin and his dog "would be sorry." But Ladewig took a polygraph test that the affidavit said was "inconclusive" and has told The Daily Beast he didn't do anything wrong.

Campos-Martinez is said to have left Los Angeles for Texas. Ladewig could not be reached, and the LAPD declined comment on the matter because it is an "open investigation."

Read the affidavit here.

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