Hollywood Sign Murder Victim Identified

The Hollywood Sign - Los Angeles - H 2011
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The Hollywood Sign - Los Angeles - H 2011

The man whose dismembered head, hands and feet have been found in the Hollywood hills, has been I.D.'d, according to Los Angeles officials.

Three days after a decapitated head of a man was found by hikers in the Hollywood Hills, the victim, whose hands and feet were also located in the following days, has been identified. 

But, Los Angeles County coroner's spokesman Ed Winter said police have requested the man's name, age and hometown be withheld as the search for the killer continues, reports the Associated Press

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The investigation began on Tuesday, when two female dog walkers were hiking with nine dogs, when two of the animals came across the victim's head in a plastic bag and began playing with it. 

A search for additional body parts commenced, and both of the man's hands and feet were located nearby Wednesday, and the search was concluded Thursday, with police saying they do not believe additional body parts were left in the park. 

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According to the AP, the man is not believed to have been killed on or around the hiking trails. The last information released about him stated that he was believed to be between 40 and 60 years old, and possibly of Armenian descent. Police said they planned to identify him via dental records. 

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The body parts were found nearby L.A.'s famed Hollywood sign which has been a popular filming location for years. In 2010, Hugh Hefner, philanthropist Aileen Getty and the Tiffany & Co. foundation each donated $1 million to stop the landmark from being sold.