Hollywood Speaks Out at Families Belong Together March: "We Are Not Going Away"

Chrissy Teigen Families Belong Together Rally - Getty - H 2018
Sarah Morris/Getty Images

Chrissy Teigen, 'Overboard' star Eugenio Derbez and 'Jane the Virgin' actor Jaime Camil were among those protesting the Trump administration's family separation policy on Saturday in L.A.

Chrissy Teigen, Overboard’s Eugenio Derbez and Jane the Virgin’s Jaime Camil all lent their voices to the protest against the Trump Administration's "zero-tolerance" policy and subsequent separation of children from families at Saturday’s Families Belong Together Rally and March downtown.

Trump signed an executive order last week to end family separation, and on Tuesday 17 states and the District of Columbia filed a federal lawsuit seeking to stop the Justice Dept. from separating families.

Teigen, Derbez and Camil, who are immigrants or the sons or daughters of immigrants, and other Hollywood figures who joined in at the march on Saturday including Laura Dern, John Legend, Laverne Cox, the rapper Taboo and Jon Favreau, donned white attire symbolizing peace and unity as they participated in the protest.

“We are here and we are not going away,” Teigan said to a crowd of reportedly 55,000 people at L.A. City Hall as she cradled her newborn son Miles.

The Families Belong Together Rally and March on Saturday took place nationwide, from Los Angeles to New York City. The Los Angeles march began at City Hall on Broadway and stopped before a stage on Alameda Street. Signs calling for the abolishment of ICE were held high, in part in support for the cause and in part to shade protestors from the heat, as speakers rallied listeners to take action.

“Human rights should not have a border,” proclaimed Black Eyed Peas’ Taboo at the beginning of the rally on Broadway. “The road of success is always under construction. We are the builders [and] the constructors of that path.”

Taboo spoke alongside members of First Nations as they kicked off the day’s many speeches, including from the cast of Jane the Virgin, Vida, One Day at a Time, Laverne Cox and a surprise appearance from Cher. (The writers' rooms of One Day at a Time and Vida challenged other television writers' rooms to donate to RAICES Family Reunification and Bond Fund in mid-June.)

The members of the First Nations detailed how people in power in the White House all came from some kind of immigrant background at some point in the nation’s history. Assistant Director of the American Indian Movement in Southern California GrayWolf said that as those immigrants arrived to settle in what would one day be America, they mistreated and displaced those who were native to those lands.

The same kind of mistreatment and displacement is happening today, he added.

Derbez spoke to the crowd about his own experience “not as a comedian, not as an actor, not as a filmmaker, but as a proud citizen of Mexico and a proud member of the United States.” Derbez, like many in the crowd, grew up in Latin America seeing firsthand what can happen “when those in powers do not rule with compassion” and lose sight of what he argued makes America great: inclusion.

Derbez gave those who he believed had lost sight of that advantage a reminder: “While I have only lived in this country for a few years, I’ve traveled here for work for almost two decades,” he said. “Like every immigrant group that came before us, community means so much to this country, cultural diversity and hard work.”

Like Derbez, Camil dispelled President Donald Trump's frequent assertions that keeping out immigrants keeps America safe from crime and gangs, arguing that the immigrants that are being torn away from their families believe in values like cultural diversity and hard work.

“We are not supporting gang members and drug dealers,” he said. “No, we are not saying we don’t respect immigration laws put forth by this administration, but please reconsider the choice of policies on how to enforce such laws,” Camil said.

While many Hollywood stars spoke Saturday, other Hollywood stars like Laura Dern and former director of speechwriting for Barack Obama and member of the popular podcast Pod Save America Jon Favreau also took to social media to show their support while at the rally.