Hollywood Stars Cheer as Biden Takes Lead in Pennsylvania, Georgia

Joe Biden
JIM WATSON/AFP via Getty Images

Running mate Kamala Harris would making history as the first female vice president, and activists in the entertainment industry thanked Stacey Abrams for her work in Georgia.

Hollywood stars woke up to the news that, as vote counting continued in Pennsylvania and Georgia, former Vice President Joe Biden had taken the lead in both states.

Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes would push Biden over the 270 threshold needed to declare victory, even without the state of Arizona, which the Associated Press called for Biden on early Wednesday morning but a number of other outlets have yet to do so. In Georgia, Biden is up by a little over 1,000 votes. The Southern state has not voted for a Democratic presidential candidate since Bill Clinton. Biden also leads in Nevada as North Carolina and Alaska remain uncalled but Trump leads in both.

With a spread of about 1,000 votes, Georgia is set for a recount per state law and Pennsylvania could also be the subject of a recount if the margin of victory is less than 0.5 percent. There are still tens of thousands of votes left to count with the difference between the candidates at 0.1 percent.

With the Pennsylvania lead, though, John Legend was quick to call it "morning joy."

Chelsea Handler wrote of Biden's lead, " Democracy is working. Despite Republicans efforts to thwart it, we have voted and the votes are being counted and there’s just way too many for Joe Biden. Donald Trump doesn’t call an election. He can’t even call a spelling bee."

As of 7:30 a.m. ET on Friday, Nov. 6, just days after Election Day, the Associated Press had Biden at 264 electoral votes and Trump at 214.

While the Associated Press has yet to call Georgia or Pennsylvania for Biden, the non-partisan Decision Desk election news outlet projected that Biden would win Pennsylvania and become the 46th president of the United States. Decision Desk didn't include Arizona in its count, giving Biden a 273 electoral-vote win.

Stars quickly picked up on this news and congratulated Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris, who would make history as the first woman of color to be elected vice president of the United States.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi — who made history as the first female to head that legislative chamber, a position that is second in the line of succession after the vice president — projected Biden as the winner when speaking from Capitol Hill on Friday. “This morning it is clear that the Biden-Harris ticket will win the White House,” she said, “We did not win every battle in the House, but we won the war.”

Gabrielle Union wrote, "Waking up to PRESIDENT BIDEN and VICE PRESIDENT HARRIS!!!!! Yessssssss!!! So happy, so proud and so ready to get right back to work! No let up!"

Kerry Washington, meanwhile said she was, "crying tears of gratitude. THANK YOU. To voters. To the counters. To the organizers. To the volunteers. And to democracy. We have work to do. No doubt. But let’s celebrate our wins. It will help to sustain us. Thank you God."

Eva Longoria added: "I'm in tears! Democracy won! The will of the people won! Thank YOU to all the voters. To the counters. To the organizers. To the volunteers. Let’s the work to unite the country begin! We can do this America!"

Yvette Nicole Brown praised Harris in particular, writing, "Joe Biden is about to be declared the President elect. My Soror Kamala Harris is about to be declared the Vice President Elect, becoming the first woman, the first Black woman AND the first Asian woman to do so. AND I put on my favorite pair of jeans & they still FIT!"

Mark Ruffalo tweeted, picking up on a tweet from Georgia Senate candidate Raphael Warnock, whose special election against Republican Kelly Loeffler will proceed to a runoff in January, "We did it! We repudiated this cruel and monstrous ideology. It’s a full Rout! Be proud and strong and let’s win the Senate."

And with respect to Georgia, stars credited the work of former gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams for helping to get out the vote in that state, with Longoria and others citing her by name in tweets about Biden's Georgia lead.

Josh Gad wrote, "Today would be a good day to celebrate black women all over this nation who it is looking more and more likely saved us from tyranny and fascism. Thank you all. And thank you especially to Stacey Abrams and our next vice president Kamala Harris."

Abrams, meanwhile, was humble, thanking other people, including "always John Lewis," the late Georgia Congressman and voting-rights activist.

"So many deserve credit for 10yrs to new Georgia," she wrote in part in a tweet overnight, before a list of names that included Lewis. "Charge any omissions to my head. My heart is full."

Lady Gaga retweeted Abrams and wrote, "YOU ARE HEROES. I am so grateful for you!!"

Beyond just Abrams, America Ferrera thanked local organizers in multiple states for helping to get out the vote. She also retweeted John Legend singing, "Georgia on My Mind."

"We are indebted to local organizers who have been on the ground resourcing and turning out voters!," she wrote. "Candidates and campaigns alone did not achieve this turnout- this doesn’t happen without organizers!"

Another theme emerged after Biden pulled ahead in Pennsylvania, with stars urging Trump to concede. George Takei wrote, "Come on, Donald. You need to give up. Just like you did with your casinos, your wives, your weight and Covid-19. Give up, already."

He later repeated Trump's Apprentice catchphrase and told him he was "fired."

And Ava DuVernay tweeted an instructional video of someone packing a suitcase and tagged Ivanka Trump.

As this was unfolding on Friday morning, Trump and his family members and Republican allies were crowing about the October job numbers, with Trump's "war room" campaign account in particular tweeting, "the unemployment rate has fallen to 6.9 percent, once again shattering expectations!" Full Frontal With Samantha Bee's official Twitter account quickly shot back, "The unemployment rate is projected to be slightly higher in a bit."

Due to the novel coronavirus pandemic and the historic amount of mail-in voters in the 2020 election, millions of ballots still have yet to be tabulated. The mail-in ballots, which take more time to be counted, have been skewing heavily in Biden’s favor due to Trump’s push to his voters to cast their ballots in person. On Wednesday, Biden already broke the record for the most votes ever for a U.S. presidential candidate.

On Thursday night, Trump doubled down on false claims of a fraudulent election, drawing sharp rebuke from news anchors and Hollywood figures alike over the president sowing doubt about the integrity of the democratic process. The Trump campaign has said it would seek a recount in Wisconsin and filed lawsuits in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Georgia; the latter two were quickly dismissed.

Biden, meanwhile, continued to remain calm and urge the American people to exhibit patience while every vote is counted. “The process is working,” Biden said. “It is the will of the voters. No one, not anyone else who chooses the president of the United States of America.”