Hollywood Style Hits Kentucky Derby 2012: Cyndi Lauper, Mary J. Blige, Star Jones' Wacky Hat Battle (Poll)

Kentucky Derby 2012 - Mary J. Blige - Cyndi Lauper - Star Jones split
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We take our hats off to the stars who dared to enter the highly competitive annual Kentucky Derby hat contest.

After watching Kate Middleton's chic chapeaus, you might think the Brits have it all over Americans when it comes to making major hat statements.

Well, you would be wrong. Clearly, you've never watched the highly competitive annual hat display at the Kentucky Derby.

Historically, Kentucky Derby hats are insanely elaborate creations, from boaters to berets, caps to fedoras, generally involving gigantic floral arrangements. Attention-getting hats have been de riguer since the race first began back in 1875.

Derby hats (on men and women) have become an American tradition, and every year the hats get more and more outlandish. Truthfully, the goal of a successful hat at Churchill Downs is creativity. What covers your head doesn’t have to be flattering or coordinate with your dress. It's quite the opposite: One's hat can look ridiculous as long as it’s unique, over-the-top and completely unforgettable.

Several Hollywood celebrities threw their hats into the derby ring this year: Star Jones, Smash star Debra Messing, Tinsley Mortimer, Miranda Lambert and Erin Andrews. Even Twilight star Kellan Lutz got into the swing with a natty newsboy cap. 

We’ve narrowed down our favorite hat attacks to Jones' bright blue creation topped with turquoise and lavender feathers, grand master Cyndi Lauper’s giant orange dish hat (Showtime and Starz free for three months?) and national anthem singer Mary J. Blige’s jaunty red number that matched her bright red dress.

Tell us: Whose wacky chapeau do you like the best?