Hollywood Style: Tux Luxe

Pornchai Mittongtare
FERRAGAMO: “This Ferragamo is conservative but still has that little something: a seam that gives it the illusion 
of a double lapel. 
It makes it special 
but not flashy,” George Kotsiopoulos says. Tuxedo, $2,800; shirt, $360; and bow tie, $90; at Salvatore Ferragamo, Beverly Hills.

It’s that time of year! Stylist George Kotsiopoulos gives his best advice on what to wear from the Governors Awards to the Oscars

For a place with as much style as Hollywood, it’s surprising how many industry executives walk the red carpet and collect their Oscars in second-rate formalwear that misses the mark. The most common mistake, says stylist George Kotsiopoulos — who has dressed Danny Boyle, Darren Star and Dev Patel — is showing up in black-tie attire that’s ill-fitting.

“They think they are wearing their size,” he says, “but in fact, so many men wear one that is two sizes too big.”

Other pitfalls? Grabbing a white business shirt from the closet. “It needs to be formal white with a placket down the front covering the buttons or have metal studs,” he says. And showing up in a straight tie that lacks the requisite sheen for the occasion is a don’t. Here, Kotsiopoulos collects the best picks of the season, from the can’t-miss, notched-lapel classic to the more fashion-forward shawl collar.