Hollywood Stylist Erin Walsh Teams Up With Pronovias

Erin Walsh-Pronovias-Publicity-H 2018
Courtesy of Pronovias

The star stylist is working with the Spanish bridal and eveningwear label to promote the finer points of red-carpet dressing.

Who better to educate in the skills of red-carpet dressing than one of the red carpet’s most popular stylists?

Pronovias has enlisted star stylist Erin Walsh to highlight Evening Essentials, a capsule collection of gowns and cocktail dresses that offer elegance at an affordable price. The Barcelona-based label is known primarily for high-end bridal gowns — Maria Menounos wore Pronovias when she got married in Times Square during Fox’s live New Year’s Eve broadcast in January, while Pippa Middleton chose one of creative director Hervé Moreau’s designs as her reception gown following her wedding in May 2017 — but Evening Essentials is an opportunity to expand into party-centric looks that won’t bust your budget, Walsh says. Cocktail dresses in the Evening Essentials collection retail for $490, while gowns are priced at $590.

The 15-style collection is split between seven knee-length dresses and eight gowns, crafted largely in crepe, with chiffon and tulle used for accents like a sheer back or sleeve. Colors range from black and a lipstick red to a soft teal blue and blush pink. “The color palette functions a bit like neutrals, because they feel like colors you can wear multiple times without someone saying, ‘Oh, there’s that fuchsia dress again,’” Walsh says. “I also think it’s a palette that works really nicely with a variety of skintones.”

Overall, the designs feel clean and tailored, stylish without veering into trend territory, and that balance, Walsh points out, is key to the collection’s appeal. “These are classic pieces, but they have enough of a fashion point of view that it’s not a boring little black dress,” she explains. “And let’s face it: Rent the Runway is great, but why rent something if you don’t have to? This is something you could wear five, 10 or 15 times, and not only wear it a different way every time, but perhaps it makes you feel a little differently every time you wear it.”

To that end, Walsh recently took guests through a presentation of the collection at the Pronovias New York flagship, changing up some looks to showcase their day-to-night appeal, while also offering her take on how to accessorize various designs. “Innately there’s a certain elegance here; it’s not the kind of collection that you feel the need to pile [accessories] on,” she says. “It’s really more about the image you’re trying to project — how can you wear this so it makes you feel confident and powerful?”

Walsh, who counts Thandie Newton, Sarah Jessica Parker and Maggie Gyllenhaal among her clients, pointed out details in the collection that she also favors for her red-carpet work. “I like that the gowns aren’t too mermaid in their shape; instead they pool at the bottom, which I think is more elegant,” she says. “So many designers also forget the finer points of a woman’s body, like the shoulder or the collarbone, but that’s not the case here. There’s also a back drape that’s so gorgeous and just feels effortless. They did such a good job of pinpointing the crispest, strongest, most straightforward silhouette, and that’s not easy to do at this price point. It’s not an easy thing to do at a couture price point.” 

Given the red carpet’s considerable influence on fashion and pop culture, Walsh says she’s not surprised brands like Pronovias are looking not only to the high-wattage platform as a style inspiration, but stylists as well to promote their message. “It’s been such a surprising ride for me in terms of watching this change over the course of my career,” she says. “The red carpet used to just be a platform for people to look nice at events, but now there’s something political and empowering about it. That’s what I also like about this collection: Right now, women seem to want a wardrobe that feels a bit like armor, and by that I mean something that’s consistent — sure, you feel empowered, but you also can rely on it. Having pieces that will speak to you that way, that’s everything these days.”