Hollywood Stylists Jamie Mizrahi and Simone Harouche Debut Undergarment Line

The KiT - Jamie and Simone - Publicity-H 2019
Courtesy The KiT

“As stylists, our kit is our little bag of magic that has everything you may need for whatever you’re wearing, from a strapless dress to a T-shirt,” says Mizrahi on the origin of the brand's name, The KiT.

When it comes to expert advice on the best foundation pieces to wear under any look, no one knows more than a Hollywood stylist. That thinking was the impetus for stylists Jamie Mizrahi and Simone Harouche (who have collectively worked with Katy Perry, Jessica Alba, Miley Cyrus, Nicole Richie, Riley Keough, Christina Aguilera and the Kardashian and Jenner sisters) to debut the perfect solution-driven line of undergarments. 

“In our styling, we’re running around to a million places. We’re going to fabric stores and making things that don’t exist,” Mizrahi told The Hollywood Reporter. “And we realized that there was no one go-to brand for everything you need to wear underneath. These things set the foundation for what you’re wearing. It’s your second skin! As stylists, our kit is our little bag of magic that has everything you may need for whatever you’re wearing, from a strapless dress to a T-shirt. So that’s where the name came from.”

Added Harouche: “We’re always being asked questions, hacks and styling tips and tricks. 'What kind of bra do you wear for this neckline?’ Or, ‘What do you do if something’s a little see-through?’ It’s just second-nature to us. There are so many products out there, but not enough education. We’re trying to simplify the process of getting dressed.” 

Dubbed The KiT, the 18-piece collection (starting at $20 and all under $100) comes in seven colors and two fabrics (an ultra-soft bamboo cotton and a lightweight nylon-spandex) with sizing up to a dress size 20 or a bra size 38DD. Styles include panties, bras, bodysuits, bra extenders, tape, nipple covers and an adhesive thong with no sides, as well as bundled kits, from a starter kit and a selection of seamless underpants to vacation-ready capsules targeting the over-packer and the under-packer. Yet to come are a “Nude Illusion Bodystocking” and a heavier-weight fabric with more contouring power.

The brand focuses on expert advice, from “best for” tips besides each product to video tutorials, such as one coming soon on breast tape. “It’s on how to give yourself a lift and not wear a bra, when you have a backless dress and need a little something but don’t want to wear those adhesive bras that slide down your body when you sweat,” says Harouche. “On set we used to use masking tape, but Jamie and I have really thought about and perfected an athletic tape that’s easier on the skin and easy to use.”

In August, Katy Perry gave the “c-string,” or sideless underpant by the brand, a test run when she hit the Carnival Row red carpet in a Tom Ford dress with fiance Orlando Bloom and many other clients have tested out pieces during the development process.

“We’re really trying to not change or reshape your body, but to help you work with what you have and make you feel your best,” Harouche told THR of The KiT's messaging. In that light, the stylists have also created a Titty Committee, video profiles of an array of women, from actress Riley Keough to the doulah Brandi Jackson, photographed wearing the pieces and in conversation about their bodies. After professing that she secretly hates undergarments and thus is looking for pieces that aren’t constricting, Keough says: “If I could tell my younger self something about my body, I’d say, ‘Stop worrying or comparing yourself to other girls or taking what you see in magazines as the only way bodies should be and just enjoy it, because you have a beautiful body.’”

During the month of October, three percent of the price of all kits sold will go to the Women’s Cancer Research Fund. The company is also launching a #KiTstoKickCancer social media campaign, focused on self-love and featuring Kate Hudson, Mindy Kaling, Rashida Jones, Miley Cyrus and others wearing pieces from The KiT. For every customer-tagged selfie in pieces from The KiT, an additional $1 will be donated to the cause.





repost @thekitundergarments Kate Hudson Age 40 @katehudson is one of the most confident, authentic, and positive women I know. She's a mother, a businesswoman, a friend, a sister, a daughter, an aunt, and to me, she’s always been a shoulder to lean on. Kate and I were pregnant at the same time—our kids are 3 days apart. She guided me through my entire pregnancy, serving as my best sounding board, and always gave me such great advice. She was there when my son was born. In the hospital, she taught me how to breastfeed. She’s that friend that pushes you to do better and be better even when you want to give up. We workout together, we go on adventures together, and through it all, I admire her every step, because she’s someone who’s grateful for all that her body does for her. So she eats well, she exercises, and more than anything, she loves herself. And she’s teaching her own kids how to love themselves, too. She’s constantly doing, pushing herself, and looking at the world in the most beautiful way—open to love and all the endless possibilities that life, and love, have to offer. Kate’s self-love inspires me, and continues to inspire us at The KiT. xo Jamie Kate is wearing the Classic Demi Bra in Forget Me Not and the Tap Short in Cinnamon. #KitstoKickCancer @wcrfcure

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