Hollywood Tattoo Artist Dr. Woo Collaborates on Children’s Lifestyle Line

Style - JuJu & Woo - Publicity-H 2018
Courtesy of Rick Rodney

Kids can now sport the inkmaster’s detailed designs with Juju & Woo.

After leaving his intricately detailed indelible impressions on the likes of Drake, Miley Cyrus and Brooklyn Beckham, Hollywood inkmaster Dr. Woo is lending his art to a new kid’s lifestyle line, Juju & Woo, launched by his wife, Jayme Free Woo, and her friend, Jo Scapa.

Featuring the artist’s original signature fine-line handiwork in the form of flowers and swallows, the collection of three organic cotton pajama sets ($60 each) and one limited edition cotton fleece hoodie ($50) was conceived by the full-time moms who wanted to create "a cozy and cool children's lifestyle necessity line that offers both quality and beautiful art," explains Scapa, mother to four-year-old Julian (aka "Juju") who was introduced to Jayme via a mutual friend.

Jayme, who had been toying with the idea of launching a kid’s bedding line, had been collecting ideas for prints. After meeting Scapa, the idea for a clothing line took shape. "You will never see a chevron print, stripes or polka dots," says Scapa. "Our artwork and inspirations speak for themselves."

"Woo really helped us bring our ideas to life, and made sure we stuck to our original idea, which was to be a little offbeat and to have fun with it," says Jayme, who shares two sons, Lyon (seven) and Raif (four), with the tattoo artist. Both of Jayme's sons appear alongside Scapa's son in the brand’s lookbook, shot by lensman Rick Rodney. "He’s my best friend and hardest critic, so he made sure not to hold back if he thought anything needed some adjustments."

Hollywood-based Woo, who has collaborated with the likes of Converse and Modernica, adds: "The designs were really inspired with my wife and Jo. They took on the concepts and themes, and I just fine-tuned them a bit."

However, it wasn’t just Woo who gave his input to the enterprising moms in their new endeavor. "The kids gave us approval for the designs," jokes Woo.