Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, MediaMine to Develop Walk of Fame App

16 BKLOT Joe Mantegna Walk of Fame Star
Daren & Amy Dahl/Flickr

The app will be "part tour guide, part scavenger hunt, part game and part local services provider" for tourists.

The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce and digital media asset management company MediaMine have partnered to develop a new Walk of Fame app for travelers that is “part tour guide, part scavenger hunt, part game and part local services provider.”

“The idea is to transform a tourist’s trip from a passive experience into one with engaging information in the form of news, videos, photos, letters and other information about the fascinating events occurring in Hollywood throughout the 20th century as well as present day,” said Leron Gubler, president and CEO of the Chamber of Commerce.

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As part of the project, MediaMine will curate the Chamber of Commerce’s collection of historic Hollywood content, and the first phase of the project includes digitizing this material. “Our goal is to take underserviced collections and discover the value and legacy to be shared on today’s new media platforms and transmedia environments,” said Barry Snyder, co-founder and president of MediaMine.

Planned features for the app include a star map, along with text, photos and videos of the chosen star; points of interest, including entertainment, dining and shopping options; and a trivia challenge and scavenger hunt. Travelers will also be able to post photos to the app and share their experiences on various social networking sites, MediaMine said.

The first version of the app is slated to be available for download next summer. Further out, planned features include language translations.