Hollywood's 100 Favorite TV Shows Reveals Gender Gap, Different Preferences by Profession

'Sex and the City'

A breakdown of The Hollywood Reporter's list of Hollywood's 100 Favorite TV Shows reveals distinct preferences by gender and profession and also a clear look at how the networks fared in the battle.

For example, Sex and the City was ranked by women as their third favorite show, while men ranked it 43rd. Meanwhile, The Simpsons placed fourth for men, while for women it was 53rd.

Hollywood insiders also demonstrated their preferences by profession. I Love Lucy came out on top for both executives and executive producers. Friends was favored by actors/actresses and publicists. Directors love Breaking Bad, while writers were partial to X Files. Crafts professionals are loyal to Will & Grace.

NBC had the most shows on the list with 27, with ABC and CBS each holding 16 a piece. HBO came in at 10, with Fox just trailing it with 9. PBS and the BBC held the middle rungs with 5 and 4 shows, respectively. Streaming pioneer Netflix had three shows, beating out Showtime, WB and FX, which each earned two.

Check out the full list of Hollywood's 100 Favorite TV Shows here.

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