Hollywood's 100 Greatest Insane Laughs (Video)

From Mr. Freeze's demented guffaws to the frenzied chortles of Derek Zoolander's poodle-headed nemesis, they're all here.

Here's something to return to again and again whenever overcome by a sudden bout of diabolism: A supercut of the 100 Greatest Maniacal Movie Laughs. They're all here, kicking off with Mr. Freeze's demented guffaws from 1997's critically reviled Batman & Robin and spanning everything from Wallace Shawn's famous last whoops in 1987's The Princess Bride to Will Ferrell's frenzied chortles as Derek Zoolander's poodle-headed nemesis Mugatu, to entire sections dedicated to the oeuvres of career-insane-laughers Nicolas Cage and The Joker.

Go ahead, have a laugh at everyone's expense.