Hollywood's 25 Most Powerful Business Managers

Illustration by: Wren McDonald

THR's annual list of the industry's most trusted moneymen and women, who open up about everything from the $18.75 million necklace one client bought for a mistress ("we manage finances — we don't manage morality") to their biggest no-nos (don't even think about trying to open a restaurant)

The Hollywood Reporter’s fourth annual Power Business Managers package acknowledges the unsung professionals who keep the engine room of the industry's money machine humming. Business managers maximize cash flow from much-whittled paychecks and prevent overindulged stars from acting on their worst impulse purchases (lease the Gulfstream, don’t buy it).

In this year's package, the moneymen and women talk to THR about everything from why they won’t work with NFL stars to the $18.75 million necklace one client bought for his mistress to the biggest no-nos for the industry's power players.

Click here to see the full list.

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