Hollywood's Biggest Hockey Fans on Superstitions, Good Luck Charms, Stanley Cup Predictions

Susan Sarandon Rangers - H 2014
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Susan Sarandon Rangers - H 2014

As the L.A. Kings and New York Rangers battle it out on the ice, Susan Sarandon, Jason Reitman, Colin Hanks and other famous NHL fans tell THR about their game-time traditions -- and leaving an Oscar in the locker room!

Being a die-hard sports fan is never easy, even for Hollywood elites -- and while the New York Rangers are down 3-0 in the Stanley Cup Final, their famous followers aren't giving up on their team…and neither are the L.A. Kings fans ready to celebrate just yet.

With Game 4 at Madison Square Garden on Wednesday, the 2014 Stanley Cup Final have already hosted a flood of famous faces, from Britney Spears, Hilary Duff and Will Arnett taking their sons to Game 2 in Los Angeles on Saturday, to Jimmy Fallon, Robert De Niro and Kelly Ripa all suffering a Rangers shutout loss in Game 3 on Monday.

Before taking his dad and uncle to Game 2 (even though they rooted for the Rangers), Kings fan Jimmy Kimmel orchestrated a bet between New York mayor Bill de Blasio and Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti that will be resolved live on his show. Jon Hamm was still filming Mad Men when the Final began June 4, but that didn't stop the die-hard St. Louis Blues fan from rushing over to Staples Center for the third period (luckily for him, the game went into overtime!)

The Hollywood Reporter spoke with some of the NHL's most dedicated and loyal fans to discover the roots of their obsession and the lengths they will go for their team.

Susan Sarandon (New York Rangers)

How I Became a Fan

I was exposed to hockey growing up -- I didn’t play when I was little, though my dad and brothers skated on a pond -- but it really kicked in because Tim [Robbins] grew up playing hockey in the city at Chelsea Piers, so he is more responsible for triggering it. Then both my sons [Jack and Miles] played hockey growing up, so I became a hockey mom, and my eldest still plays in L.A. with his dad. In our house in the country in Westchester, we have a hockey rink -- we could have got a serious painting of some kind or a new kitchen, but instead we bought a hockey rink! The kids all used to come over and play on it and have serious leagues. Now on Thanksgiving and Christmas when everyone is home, there are games again. 

My Good Luck Charm

We used to all wear our jerseys. In fact, 20 years ago, when we [the Rangers] won the Stanley Cup, we were shooting Little Women on Vancouver Island and playing the Vancouver Canucks, Tim and myself showed up for a game and were the only ones that were in blue! I always wear some kind of a cap, but I am so cold I have to bundle up, too.

During the playoffs one year, I gave my Academy Award to Mark Messier in the locker room. I don’t think they won that game actually, but I tried!

Feelings About the Final

Monday night’s game was just a heartbreaker; I was there with my son and it was so sad. Our team plays with so much heart and they are so fast, but the Kings are really large, they played a very good game. It is over like that in hockey, they call it sudden death because that is what it feels like when you are not on the winning side. What I like about hockey is just this brute strength, it's a battle on the boards -- the players all grow these beards and it is just like Game of Thrones! They are Viking looking guys with big beards and facial hair, [CarlHagelin looks like something out of a Renaissance painting right now.

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Jason Reitman (Los Angeles Kings)

How I Became a Fan

I’ve been a Kings fan my whole life, but honestly, it’s been split between the Kings and the Vancouver Canucks. When I was 19 years old and had just made my first film, my girlfriend at the time was babysitting Wayne Gretzky’s kids. We were at his house and his son brought me this signed stick and Wayne said: "It’s for you." On the blade it read, "Dear Jason, good luck in your film career, love Wayne, ’99." It was from the last year he played hockey, and I keep it up in my office.

My Biggest Superstition 

The players are more superstitious than the fans, but I definitely wasn’t going to not wear this hat to the game. Also, when I am watching, I try not to look at anything red near our goalie’s net because I don’t want to see anything that even looks like a red light. That is kind of OCD!

Feelings About the Final

It is a good time to be a Kings fan: They are confident and seem to have a fire under their asses. I think they are going to win the Cup. The best thing about hockey is they let it all out on the ice and then go and have beers together. It is a great team of lovely guys; they are called the Kings, but there is something so working class about the way they approach the game and approach life. None of them feel like a superstar, and that comes from the captain, Dustin Brown, on down. It is a lot different in the arena to being at a Lakers game when everyone is there to support Kobe Bryant; this is not a superstar’s game; one guy cannot make a team in hockey. 
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Colin Hanks (Los Angeles Kings)

How I Became a Fan

I’ve been a Kings fan since 1987. They were still playing in the Forum in purple and gold during Luc Robitaille's rookie season; I think I saw them play Quebec, and both teams scored in double digits. It was just the strangest sport I’d ever seen and was a fan from the get-go.

My Biggest Superstitions

I have far too many superstitions to list. My beard is a playoff beard, my hat was bought after they won in 2012. I buy a new article of clothing at the beginning of every year. This year I bought a throwback hat and then when we went down two goals in the seventh game against the Blackhawks, I put another hat on and we won that game so it is staying on. I am like [Kings coach] Darryl Sutter but with articles of clothing instead of players, and decide which one goes out each game.

Feelings About the Final

Both teams played so hard to get to the Final that no matter what, you just hope they play well in the series. I love the Rangers, I love the Kings, I want a good series -- I want the Kings to win, obviously, but this entire playoffs has been so beyond my imagination of what I thought was possible. It is insane so I am just taking it all in.

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Michael Rosenbaum (New York Rangers)

How I Became a Fan

I started watching the Rangers out of the womb, my family is all from the Bronx, Queens or Long Island, so I had no choice. When they won that Stanley Cup in '94 against the Canucks, I remember I had tears in my eyes, I couldn’t believe they’d finally won. Before then, everyone would chant ‘1940,’ then after '94 -- which was 54 years later -- you didn’t have to hear that anymore. It was a miracle, and now it’s 20 years later and I want another miracle. 

My Biggest Superstition 

I try not to make predictions so as not to jinx them -- like when I told my buddy who is on the San Jose Sharks that they were going to the Final…then they got swept. So I try not to text when I am in a game and say things like, "We’ve got this one." I am very cautious. I have lot of clothes that I alternate -- I've got my Rangers satin jacket from the '70s and I have a Brad Richards jersey that my dad sent me. I need to get some Rangers underwear so I can take my pants off when we win!

Dermot Mulroney (Los Angeles Kings)

How I Became a Fan

am a Kings fan, but my household is influenced by the New York Rangers from my son Clyde, who grew up a Rangers fan, so I know both of these teams pretty well. I've never been to Madison Square Garden but I come to Staples a lot so I’m really a Kings fan. 

My Good Luck Charm

Clyde's jersey is his lucky charm, as Sean Avery gave it to him. But there’s nothing like in Silver Linings Playbook when Robert De Niro has to have the remote controls perfectly lined up just right during the Eagles game. They have it bad in Philly.

Feelings About the Final

If it goes to seven games, it is obviously in the Kings favor as they’ve already won three series in seven, then they won two years ago in overtime in the seventh game, so they are a late-game team. The Rangers are going to have more of a struggle. 

Game 4 of the 2014 Stanley Cup Final will air on NBCSN on Wednesday at 8 p.m. PT/5 p.m. ET.