Hollywood's Bizarre Beauty Obsessions: Human Stem Cells, Jellyfish Collagen, Cream Made From Blood

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Illustration by: Eric Nyquist

Call them stranger things: Stars are turning to unusual methods to keep their youthful looks.

Jellyfish Collagen

Dr. Nigma Talib's stable of starlets — including Kate Bosworth and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley — swear by her Serum No. 1 ($205), Creme No. 1 ($165) and specialty facials incorporating jellyfish collagen ($495). "Nothing in it stings you," reassures Talib. "It just reverses signs of aging, builds up collagen and works with [active-ingredient-transporting] water technology for hydration and skin firmness." The London-based naturopathic doc (with an awards-season residency at Four Seasons Beverly Hills) adds that jellyfish collagen is very similar to human collagen, so it doesn't elicit allergic reactions. healthydoc.com

Frozen Stem Cells

Armie Hammer, Nicola Peltz and a regular roster of power agents and execs duck into Swiss esthetician Lena Bratschi's under-the-radar Carasoin Day Spa and Skin Clinic for the Stem Cell Facial ($275), which uses human cells, cryogenically frozen and incubated in embryonic fluid from cows. These stimulate the skin to create more stem cells, which release collagen and elastin to firm, tighten and repair. Bratschi's latest treatment, the Jet Peel Facial ($400), harnesses the power of rocket science, literally: A machine developed for Russia's aerospace program shoots out microdroplets of saline at 125psi for super-fast exfoliation. carasoin.com

Blood Cream

Barbara Sturm, a German-based physician who specializes in facial aesthetics who pioneered the "vampire facial," in which a patient's blood is injected back into her face, now offers a take-home potion also made with a patient's plasma. Sturm works with a huge array of top models as well as Sienna Miller and Gwyneth Paltrow, spinning and mixing their blood into a custom cream called MC1 ($950) that harnesses white blood cells to slow aging, diminish redness and reduce pore size. dr-barbara-sturm.com

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