Hollywood's Favorite Films: 7 Musicals to Get Your Toes Tapping

Wizard of Oz Film Still-1939

Get in the mood for this holiday season with 'The Sound of Music' and a plate of cookies and milk

If someone special tells you, "All I want for Christmas is to see a musical," then you're in luck.

Theatergoers are in store for a few musicals this holiday season, with the film adaptation of Annie released Dec. 19 and Disney's much anticipated Into The Woods hitting the big screen on Christmas day. Meanwhile, you also can revisit the list of Hollywood 's 100 films for some of the most beloved musicals of all time.

The Sound of Music (No. 25) gets closest to the holiday spirit with its focus on the importance of family during tough times, but The Wizard of Oz (No. 2), arguably the most popular musical film ever released, gives a subtle nod to Christmas with its Emerald City and Judy Garland's ruby slippers (in addition to its rumored economic subtext).

For film buffs and those looking for a good laugh, it's also hard to go wrong with Gene Kelly's Singin' in the Rain (No. 26). Released in 1952, the musical comedy depicts the transition from silent films to "talkies" and the pursuant obstacles actors had to face. It topped AFI's most recent list of the century's best musicals.

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When the cold weather compels couples to cuddle up (more of an "if" in Los Angeles), 10-time Academy Award-winner West Side Story (No. 61) could be a great romantic musical to satiate musical cravings. Or if you want a movie for the whole family, Disney offers a great selection of musicals with animation like Mary Poppins (No. 64), The Lion King (No. 66) and Beauty and the Beast (No. 86), which gained recent attention when a little girl's interaction with a Disney park Gaston went viral.

Our suggestion? Watch them all, but pace yourself. And if a marathon of the aforementioned musicals happens to wear you down, It's A Wonderful Life (No. 20) is another great film for the holidays from THR's list of Hollywood 's 100 Favorite films that won't keep you up with song lyrics swirling in the back of your mind.