Hollywood's Home Base

The stars have always shown up at Dodger Stadium.

Concerts at the Stadium: A-list acts from The Beatles to Madonna and Michael Jackson have performed here, but only elton John -- during a two-night stand Oct. 25 and 26, 1975 -- sported this sparkly take on the home team's uniform.

Mervyn Leroy's Big Outfield Save: On the eve of the park's Opening Day in April 1962, Dodgers owner Walter O'Malley bemoaned to his director-producer friend Mervyn LeRoy that the grass was partly brown. LeRoy told him to "just do what we do in Hollywood" and paint it in with green vegetable dye.

Mr. Ed Slides Into Home Plate: The talking horse on Mr. Ed cantered around the bases in a 1963 episode. Asked if he'd like to join the team, he demurred, noting, "They've already got a Moose" -- a reference to Dodgers first baseman Bill "Moose" Skowron. Cue the laugh track.

Deluxe Dugout Club: These sought-after seats are only a few feet behind the catcher. "You're right up against the net; the sight lines are absolutely terrific," says attorney Dan Black, entertainment co-chair at Greenberg Traurig. He sits a few rows from Larry King and former Academy head Tom Sherak, who adds, "All of us down there behind home plate have gotten very friendly."

Most Devout Industry Fan: Statswise, it might be Alloy Digital executive vp Barry Blumberg. He has held season tickets for 35 years (in Section 11 on the Field level) and attends about half of the home games each season, busy work schedule be damned.

The Star-Studded Owners Box: Located on the Club level, O'Malley's old booth was reliably packed during the early years with the likes of Jack Benny, Cary Grant and Alfred Hitchcock.

Upper-Deck Memories: Big-time players in the business fondly remember enjoying games early in their careers from a far more distant perch. Mike Henry, co-creator of The Cleveland Show (which this fall will feature an episode set at the stadium), recalls catching a Kal Daniels foul ball in 1992 while sitting in the first row f the Top Deck. "That's when I was waiting tables and it was hard catching any break at all," he says. USA Network co-president Jeff Wachtel, who now calls the Dugout Club home, recalls of the sky-high seats, "It's actually a great place to watch a game -- except for pop flies, which you can't see because of the perspective."

The King of the Parking Lot: Elvis Presley spent three days immortalizing the asphalt outside Dodger Stadium in March 1966 while filming road-race scenes for MGM's Spinout in a curvaceous Shelby Cobra 427.

The Famous Faithful: True-blue Dodger fans who reliably can be found at the stadium include reese Witherspoon, Tom Hanks, Sharon Stone, Matthew Perry, Jason Bateman, snoop lion, Morgan Freeman, Harrison Ford and various members of the Kardashian clan.


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