Hollywood's Hot Dads Turned Up for Vince Camuto's Fall Fashion Preview

Courtesy of bluPRint
From left: Oliver Hudson, Joe Jonas and Dave Annable

Josh Duhamel and Scott Foley were also joined by the non-dad crew, including Joe Jonas and Dave Franco, at the Beverly Hills preview.

"It’s so hard in 'Shonda-Land' to say anything," Scott Foley was saying about the Shonda Rimes' mega-hit Scandal when Pret-a-Reporter caught up with him at last night’s Vince Camuto Fashion Preview at The A List founder Ashlee Margolis' modernist house in Beverly Hills. "But this week we’re gonna find out a huge reveal about my character Jake’s new wife that plays right into the Olivia and Fitz storyline."

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Foley was part of the "dad squad" that turned out for the event, and he spent his time comparing notes with former Brothers and Sisters co-star Dave Annable about sleepless nights and fatherhood schedules, between trying on sunglasses from Sama Eyewear. 

Meanwhile, Josh Duhamel toted his tyke with him. Axl, who just turned two, was dressed as Leonardo from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and spent the time snacking and playing with his fire truck while his dad tried on the duds; mommy Fergie was at work. Derek Hough, also in attendance, busted out his best “robot” to entertain the youngster.

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The younger set, among them Joe Jonas, Dave Franco and the hot new intern on Grey’s Anatomy, Giacomo Gianniotti, stayed on when the dads turned in early for the night.