Hollywood's New Meal Delivery Service for Babies

Yumi - Publicity - H 2017
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"I don't have a baby, but God, do I love their food," admits CAA's Roeg Sutherland of his sister-in-law's startup, Yumi, that's attracting Molly Sims and Yael Cohen Braun (wife of Scooter).

The meal-delivery trend has reached Hollywood's under-3 set with Yumi, launched this summer by former private-equity exec Angela Sutherland (wife of producer and industry scion Angus) and former reporter Evelyn Rusli. Think of it as Blue Apron meets Postmates for babies, serving up such haute organic recipes as rosewater overnight oats and blueberry chia seed pudding (plans start at $35 a week).

Industry fans include Molly Sims, Yael Cohen Braun (wife of Scooter), Caitriona Balfe and CAA's Roeg Sutherland, an investor (with dad Donald) in his sister-in-law's startup. "I don't have a baby, but god do I love their food," he admits. "I steal snacks all the time!"

Adding to the on-demand obsession for kids in Hollywood is Stop, Breathe & Think app, where the focus is on mindfulness and meditation. The free app allows children ages 5-10 check in to see how they are feeling, meditate and be mindful starting from a young age.

Founders Julie Campistron and Jamie Price appeared on Apple Music's Planet of the Apps series with Jessica Alba as their mentor with other industry fans downloading the useful app including Ali Larter, who helped host the launch party at Rabbit Ladders in Platform LA. "I have a 6-year-old boy and a 2½-year-old little girl, and they also always want to grab their screens, but this app is one of those times that’s really special where they can go on and pick the emotions that they’re feeling," Larter says about the Hollywood-loved app. Adds Alba: “Every school should be teaching this!”

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