Mani Monday: Summer Nail Trends from Beverly Hills' Favorite Salon

Drew Barrymore Jessica Alba Split - H 2015
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Drew Barrymore Jessica Alba Split - H 2015

Sarah Gibson Tuttle, founder of Drew Barrymore and Jessica Alba's favorite beauty hot spot, Olive & June, dishes on the manicure trends Hollywood is buzzing about for summer.

The sun-drenched space that houses Beverly Hills beauty hot spot Olive & June sees its fair share of agents and execs from neighboring offices, all booking appointments for their half-moon mani or on-trend nail art. And now in the thick of summer, the salon is packed daily with celebs and Hollywood heavyweights getting pampered for Hamptons and Hawaiian getaways.

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Drew Barrymore and Jessica Alba are regular visitors to Olive & June (in fact, it’s the only nail salon that carries Barrymore’s Flower Beauty nail polish) and count on the all-natural creams and scrubs used as well as a wide selection of colors and treatments suited to every person’s style.

Soon, Olive & June fans won’t have to battle it out in Beverly Hills parking structures to get to the Canon Drive outpost. On Aug. 7, the salon will be bringing the boutique nail experience cross-town with a second location in Pasadena for Eastside dwellers.

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But for now, between the celebrities and Hollywood execs frequenting the Beverly Hills locale, the mani-pedi trends coming out of the Westside salon are totally interesting and probably worth copying.

Here, Olive & June founder Sarah Gibson Tuttle shares what nail shades and treatments her BH clientele is coveting. 

Are there any big celebrity nail trends you see happening for summer? 

Half-moon manis, in different variations, seem to be a huge favorite. Also, we're seeing a fair amount of red and dark nails, which aren't usually so present in the summer. 

What about nail shape? Are we still seeing mostly long and oval or has that changed? 

Almond and oval shapes are the most feminine and really never go out of style. This summer though, we're seeing women — especially moms — keeping it short and sweet for summer! Relax and have fun. No one wants to worry about breaking a nail!

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And is nail art still a big thing in Hollywood? 

Nail art continues to be "a thing," but we're seeing more geometric/subdued nail art as everyone seems to have indulged in flashy design over the winter. On that half-moon mani, I love negative space with a pop of summery color like Flower Beauty's Good Bud-dy ($5). 

What specific shades are people requesting most? 

Still so much love for CND's Field Fox ($10) (the prettiest grey lavender) and the most classic white, Essie Blanc ($9).

Are there any crazy or unexpected trends we should know about? 

It sounds super old-school, but the summer is prime time for paraffin. It keeps cuticles healthy and hydrates dry skin — especially after a weekend at the beach! 

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What products are celebrities really loving? 

We introduced the Alice manicure and pedicure so that people could have all of our favorite luxury products in one treatment. People are wild about the exclusive Pursoma footbath and Tata Harper Revitalizing Oil ($90). 

What seems to be the color of summer? 

White. It goes with the all-white looks people have been wearing since Memorial Day.

Olive & June’s Pasadena location (146 S. Lake Ave.) opens on Aug. 7.