Hollywood's Top 25 Red-Carpet Designers Revealed

Issue 33 Covers Combo - H 2014
Jonathan de Villiers; Miller Mobley

Issue 33 Covers Combo - H 2014

In THR's inaugural designer A-list issue, the top tastemakers and their famous muses — from Giorgio Armani and Kate Hudson to Prabal Gurung and Sarah Jessica Parker — open up about what it takes to build a billion-dollar brand

This story first appeared in the Sept. 29 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine.

Remember the Oscars in 1990s? Giorgio Armani certainly does. It was the year some might consider the tipping point, when Hollywood’s most esteemed awards show began its shift from a night honoring movies to one where fashion upstages just about everything else. Dubbed the "Armani Awards," the event — seen by more than 40 million viewers around the world — showed Julia Roberts, Jodie Foster, Denzel Washington and Tom Cruise in the Italian designer’s creations. Says Armani today, "The modern red carpet, at that moment, was an idea in bloom."

Now, of course, call it a full-blown, overrun garden, as big-night media impressions have multiplied exponentially and fashion brands are valued in the billions — from Michael Kors ($3.3 billion) to Dior ($34 billion). As awards season begins anew, fresh faces will become instant style stars (remember, few knew Lupita Nyong'o this time last year) and little-known couturiers will break out along with them. But the true fashion royalty in Hollywood? Those designers who don’t disappear after Oscar night as quickly as Roberto  as the style titans on our list prove.

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