Hollywood's Top Doctors Issue: 7 Must-Read Stories

Eric Ryan Anderson

Dig into the Westside's controversial vaccine wars, go on the quest to live forever and find the real McDreamy

The Hollywood Reporter's first ever Top Doctors issue is in.

The Sept. 19 issue of THR reveals the list of Hollywood's top doctors, explores the industry's wild quest to "cure death" and investigates the vaccine wars being waged in schools all over the Westside. Plus, there's an exclusive interactive map of the schools and childcare providers with the lowest vaccination rates in the area and a look at the doc who inspired a Grey's Anatomy hunk.

Check out all the stories below.

Hollywood's Top Doctors Revealed: Exclusive Survey

From the OB/GYN who delivered Kim Kardashian and her baby to the sikh who treats Morgan Freeman to the man who removed Dr. Oz's colon polyp, the most beloved M.D.s from stars and executives as vetted by Castle Connolly. Check out the list here. Plus: See the doctors with their famous patients.

Hollywood's Vaccine Wars: L.A.'s "Entitled" Westsiders Behind City's Epidemic

Vaccination rates are plummeting at top Hollywood schools, from Malibu to Beverly Hills, from John Thomas Dye to Turning Point, where affluent, educated parents are opting out in shocking numbers (leaving some schools' immunization rates on par with South Sudan) as an outbreak of potentially fatal whooping cough threatens L.A. like "wildfire." Read the story here.

How to Live Forever: The (Mad?) Science Hollywood Is Using to "Cure" Death

It's not just about anti-aging. "Longevity" is the new buzzword as Hollywood embraces all sorts of technology, from an altitude machine favored by tennis star Novak Djokovic to L.A.'s hot new treatment: the very deep freeze. Read the story here.

"I'm Going to Live Forever": Hollywood Elders' Best Quotes About Aging

Betty White, Sumner Redstone, Rupert Murdoch, Clint Eastwood and Stan Lee — all in their 80s or 90s — sound off on getting older. Read the story here.

Is Working in Hollywood Bad for Your Health?

A head-to-toe statistical look. Read the story here.

L.A.'s Emergency Rooms, Rated

THR's Top Doctors issue reveals they're not all created equal. Read the ratings here.

Meet the Real-Life McDreamy: The Doctor Behind 'Grey's Anatomy'

Showrunning may not be brain surgery, but Shonda Rhimes needed help to create a Derek Shepherd. Read the story here.