Hollywood's Top Problem-Solving Pregnancy Gurus

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Illustration by Hanna Barczyk

Meet the chiropractor, masseuse, coach and other maternity specialists who count Kim Kardashian and Kristen Bell as clients.

THE DOULA Chelsea Peretti and Jordan Steele, and Andy Samberg and Joanna Newsom, are clients of Erica Chidi Cohen, who, with Zach Galifianakis' wife, Quinn Lundberg, built Loom, a cool new reproductive wellness center. "I am super non-judgmental, whether you are doing IVF or working with a surrogate or wanting to have a planned cesarean birth," says Cohen, who will assist with everything from exploring one's own parenting experience to pre- and postnatal nutrition to recommending supplemental practices such as acupuncture and bodywork. Loom, located inside an Instagram-ready Mid-city space, provides educational services, classes and workshops aimed at assisting people from preconception through pregnancy and into early parenting. Says Cohen, who also just released her first book, Nurture (Chronicle): "We wanted to create a [place] where people could get really good evidence-based information, meet like-minded people and get all of their nonmedical services." thisisloom.com. At Loom, classes start from $85 for infant feeding basics; doulas from $1,000; acupuncture from $110

THE CHIROPRACTOR One of the few males in this female-dominated industry, Dr. Elliot Berlin of Berlin Wellness Group was already a successful chiropractor when his wife's struggles with fertility led him to become Hollywood's go-to prenatal practitioner. Kim Kardashian dubbed him "the pregnancy chiropractor" when she blogged about visiting him after son Saint was breech in 2015, and stars like Amanda Seyfried and couple Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder have appeared on his popular podcast. Berlin's training as a massage specialist sets him apart. "Pregnancy weight gain, changes in center of gravity and altered sleeping positions often cause significant musculoskeletal aches, pains and dysfunction," Berlin says. "We use clinical massage therapy to find and release tight, restrictive and painful muscles, ligaments and tendons, followed by chiropractic adjustments to restore mobility to the joints." doctorberlin.com. Initial visit $208; follow-up sessions, $169

THE ACUPUNCTURIST Katya Mosely's fertility, pregnancy and prenatal treatments regulate hormones, increase energy and help with breastfeeding. For her prenatal work, Mosely uses pressure points that relax the nervous system, strengthen the immune system and can even help induce labor. Her postnatal appointments address issues such as depression or low libido. She also offers house calls during the first 40 days after delivery, following traditional Chinese customs. katyamosely.com. From $95; house calls from $300

THE COACH Already an accomplished body-healer with an A-list clientele, Lori Bergman discovered prenatal massage 16 years ago, and quickly made the transition into a multifaceted pregnancy coach, birth doula, and author. She has assisted Kristen Bell and Kelly Rowland, among others, "whether it's doing yoga or working through fears," she says. Bregman is so in-demand that she limits her deliveries to two to three per month. "I feel so blessed to have had her loving support throughout my entire pregnancy and birth," says Rowland. "The light and energy she brought around myself, my husband and my baby was amazing." loribregman.com. From $5,500

THE MASSEUSE Desiree Freund has gained a devoted following for her in-home therapeutic prenatal massages as well as specialized induction treatments. "Once we were four days past due, I scheduled an induction massage with Desiree," says actress Brittany Ishibashi (Marvel's Runaways on Hulu). "Four hours later, I was in labor." Freund's postnatal treatments are equally effective, incorporating therapies like manual lymphatic drainage to eliminate toxins and fluid retention, and massage to increases milk production. She also does baby massage that is said to help infants with everything from sleep issues to colic to teething discomfort. mamaseuse.com. In-home prenatal/postnatal massage from $185; infant massage $50

THE AYURVEDIC SPECIALIST Pacific Palisades' cult center Surya Spa, which specializes in ayurvedic practices (ayurvedic is an ancient medicine system that originated in India), has long been a wellness destination for health-minded stars like Gwyneth Paltrow, Julia Roberts and Kourtney Kardashian. The ambitious Mother Baby Program launched a little over a year ago, headed by trained doula Aleiela Allen, with the help of Surya's founder, Martha Soffer. "It's designed to help women to completely heal their mind and bodies in the most natural and supportive way," says Allen. "We give in-home treatments for 40 days after birth and start as soon as the new family returns home from the hospital." The two-hour visits occur as often as six days per week, and include traditional abhyanga oil massages, which balance hormones, and additional offerings that aid in everything from weight loss to helping with postpartum depression. Each session ends with a home-cooked meal. "I was working 15- to 16-hour days on set during my pregnancy, and started the treatment a few days after giving birth, at a time when I hadn't slept for a week, had a 28-hour labor, and was basically a shell of myself," says CBS' Salvation star Jennifer Finnigan, who welcomed a baby girl with her husband, actor Jonathan Silverman, in October. "The program feels like a kind of physical and mental therapy, post-pregnancy and labor." suryaspa.com. Ayurvedic New Mother class, $245; six-week program from $3,969 for three days a week

THE PHYSICAL THERAPIST After earning her doctorate in physical therapy, Allison Oswald was inspired to open a practice specializing in women's wellness, in particular pelvic health before, during and after pregnancy. "I see women who have pain or dysfunction or maybe are having trouble conceiving, but I also see many women who just want to understand their bodies better, "says Oswald, who operates out of an intimate studio in Santa Monica, where she combines pelvic treatment with private Pilates and stretching (she also does house calls on request). She can also tend to any strains or injuries received during birth. Says L.A.-based fashion designer Jenni Kayne: "Allison points out such subtle things about posture and the way we move that make a huge impact especially during and after pregnancy. She has made being pregnant with my third child so much more enjoyable than my first two." allisonoswald.com; plumblinepilatesandpt.com. Initial consultation $300; ongoing sessions, $185

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