'Home Alone' Thief Marv Responds to Macaulay Culkin's Video as Kevin McCallister (Video)

Marcv Home Alone - H
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Daniel Stern brings back his movie burglar after Culkin unleashes a grown-up version of Kevin: "I'm home … alone … and I'm scared!"

Daniel Stern, who played one-half of the Wet Bandits, reprised his Home Alone character, Marv Merchants, on Christmas Day — but there's nothing warm and fuzzy about it.

Stern released a dark video blog as his reply to the even darker NSFW parody video that Macaulay Culkin dropped on Dec. 17. In Culkin's profanity-laced and violent spoof, the Home Alone star appears as an adult Kevin McCallister who is so traumatized from the events that occurred in the holiday classic ("I had to fend off my house from two psychopath home invaders," he says) that he ends up torturing a man who tries to carjack him. 

Flash foward to Dec. 25 — when the holiday classic reruns on TVs everywhereand Marv has gotten adult Kevin's message.

"I saw it on the Internet, the kid is coming to get us!" says Marv, who speaks into the camera in an attempt to warn his partner-in-crime, Harry (played by Joe Pesci). "He's coming for all the home invaders and he's gonna come get us."

Sitting in a dark room and wearing a hoodie, Marv frantically looks over his shoulder while reliving the ways in which the young Kevin tortured the two burglars in the original and Home Alone 2: Lost in New York. "He hit me in the head with a brick … the iron … he electrocuted me!" he says. "Please Harry, I'm home … alone … and I'm scared!"

Watch the video, which ends with Marv's identifiable high-pitched shriek, below.