Homegrown films dominate Dutch boxoffice


AMSTERDAM -- After a dry spell earlier this year, Dutch films are dominating the boxoffice in the Netherlands.

Three Dutch titles are among the four top-grossing films, Holland Film said Thursday. The three productions accounted for 51% of the total national boxoffice revenue of last weekend.

The romantic comedy "Love Is All" (Alles is Liefde), an Amsterdam-based take on the Brit hit "Love Actually," went straight to No. 1 with 266,000 admissions. After just four days of release, the film, directed by Joram Lursen, received the Golden Film Award from the Dutch Film Festival for passing 100,000 admissions.

The other two productions are family titles: "Timboektoe" and the children's film "Where Is Winky's Horse," a sequel to the highly successful "Winky's Horse," directed by Mischa Kamp.