'The Homesman,' 'Brick Mansions' Boost Revenue at Luc Besson's EuropaCorp

Luc Besson
Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

"I don't know how to make TV shows -- I let the people who know how to do it take it on and hope they're doing their job." -- Luc Besson

The titles boosted sales for the company internationally and theater ticket sales in France.

PARIS – Citing strong French box office and international sales on films such as The Homesman and Brick Mansions, Luc Besson’s EuropaCorp posted a 80 percent increase in revenue for its fiscal first quarter late Thursday.

The group posed a revenue of $29.8 million (€22.3 million), up from $16.4 million (€12.3 million) year-over-year.

The results show the strength of the company’s international growth plan and follow the huge debut of Besson’s Lucy. The Scarlett Johansson action film bested Hercules at the box office with a $45 million opening weekend and opened strong Wednesday in France with 351,000 tickets sold the first day. EuropaCorp noted that the action film will boost its bottom line in the second quarter.

Cannes entry The Homesman, starring Tommy Lee Jones and Hilary Swank, and Brick Mansions, Paul Walker’s last completed film, were what brought in $11.3 million (€8.5 million) in international sales April-June.

Taxi Brooklyn drove television revenues to $4.8 million (€3.6 million). The police procedural airs on NBC in the U.S., and leading network TF1 in France.

On the distribution end, cinema tickets brought in an additional $2.5 (€1.9) million with the group handling French distribution for The Homesman and Brick Mansions, as well as Kevin Costner spy thriller Three Days to Kill and animated The Boy with the Cuckoo-Clock Heart.

The group’s 12-screen upscale Aeroville theater in a suburb of Paris, which opened Oct. 2013, also performed well for the group, bringing in $1.6 million (€1.2 million) in revenue in the quarter.

Video revenue was an additional $2.7 million (€2 million), with French films Jamais le premier soir, Angelique and La Marche were released on VOD, and continuing revenues on home video sales of Malavita, starring Robert DeNiro and Michelle Pfiffer as fish out of water in rural France, and the latest entry in the Liam Neeson Taken action series, Taken 2.

In addition to Lucy, the second quarter will see the release of Bertand Bonello’s version of Saint Laurent, the Gaspard Ulliel and Lea Seydoux film which bowed at Cannes. The third outing of Neeson to the rescue in the Taken franchise is scheduled for release in early 2015, and the reboot of the Transporter series next March.