Honda Indy Toronto Grand Marshal Dan Aykroyd Nabbed for Speeding on Way to Race Course

Dario Franchitti, left, with Dan Aykroyd

The Canadian actor was let off with a warning after he was caught racing his car to the event, won by Dario Franchitti.

TORONTO -- Turns out Dan Aykroyd has a lead foot.

A Toronto cop clocked the Canadian actor for speeding Sunday morning as he was driving to his gig as the grand marshal of the Honda Indy Toronto, which was won by IndyCar racer Dario Franchitti.

"You know when you see these races, you want to get into your vehicles and drive home and you do it trying to imitate the driver. That won't be me this afternoon," Aykroyd told a pre-race press conference, the Canadian Press newswire reported Sunday.

Aykroyd, who comes originally from Ottawa, was let off with a warning.