'Honest Thief' Trailer: Liam Neeson Is "Coming for" Crooked FBI Agents

Liam Neeson in Hones Thief -Publicity - H 2020
Open Road

Kate Walsh, Jeffrey Donovan, Jai Courtney and Anthony Ramos also star in the film from 'Ozark' co-creator Mark Williams.

Liam Neeson’s got a laundry list of criminal discretions but that won't stop him from trying to get a second chance at life and love in the trailer for his latest film, Honest Thief.

Neeson stars in the upcoming action thriller as former Marine and demolitions expert Tom Carter, nicknamed the “In and Out Bandit.”

“I’ve robbed 12 banks in seven states,” Neeson's Tom Carter says. “I’ve a little over 9 million dollars in cash — and no one knows who I am.”

Despite the booming business and growing savings, Tom is ready to walk away from his life of crime and start fresh with the woman he loves, Annie (Kate Walsh). But when the meticulous criminal agrees to turn himself in and turn over the money in exchange for a reduced sentence, it quickly becomes apparent that his plan to start on the right foot with Annie will come at a cost.

When Anthony Ramos’ special agent Hall and Jai Courtney’s special agent Nivens arrive to let Tom turn himself in, the two FBI officers decide to cross the agency and take the millions for themselves. In the process, they frame Tom for the murder of their superior. Now a criminal turned honest man has to win in a fight against two men with the full force of their agency behind them.

“If those two crooked cops are willing to kill another agent, what are they capable of doing to you and me?” Tom asks Annie.

Soon after, the Honest Thief trailer suggests what they’re capable of doing as Tom carries Annie’s body through an ER hallway. It’s the match that lights Tom’s fire, shifting him from a defensive to an offensive front as he fights for love and freedom. It’s an all-out battle complete with shootouts, explosions, car chases and one of Neeson’s classically succinct yet ominous threats.

“My girlfriend, she had nothing to do with this,” Neeson says while on the phone. “Agent Nivens, I’m coming for you.”

Neeson’s latest film doubles as a relaunch for Open Road, which folded due to Chapter 11 bankruptcy before Raven Capital Management acquired the U.S. distributor’s assets in 2018. Honest Thief is the Raven Capital-owned company’s first release in the theatrical space.

Written and directed by Mark Williams, Honest Thief also stars Jeffrey Donovan and Robert Patrick and is slated to hit theaters Oct. 9.

Watch the trailer below.