Hong Kong Filmart: Beijing Galloping Horse Pacts with Cameron Jones

Gavin Hellier/Jai/Corbis

Jones will produce a U.S-China co-pro with Galloping Horse, which is restructuring after the death of its founder Li Ming.

Chinese production company Beijing Galloping Horse has signed up to do two U.S.-China co-productions with Cameron Jones (Traffic). 

Jones will produce Forever Young, an English-language musical comedy directed by Eric Stoltz. Galloping Horse's head of film, Ray Chen, who joined the company from Ivanhoe Pictures, said the company's focus in 2015 would be in three areas: "helping young filmmakers in China, providing service for co-production projects and building Galloping Horse."

Ray has been charged with restructuring Galloping Horse in the wake of the sudden death in January 2014 of its founder and chairman, Li Ming, reportedly while aiding authorities with a corruption investigation. After Li's death, there was a public dispute between his widow, Jin Yan, his sister Li Li, now CEO of the company, and Li Mong, who runs the group's TV operations.

In addition to the new international projects, Galloping Horse has also greenlit Chinese feature Lost in New York, directed by NYU graduate Frank Zhu, and the romantic comedy Love from Another Planet, directed by Huang Lei, son of the well-known director Huang Jianxin (The Warlords). 

Galloping Horse is also working on John Woo's romantic epic The Crossing, the first part of which has been released, with a second entry due soon.

Galloping Horse became known overseas when it bought Hollywood SFX outfit Digital Domain back in 2012.

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Mar. 31 1.32 a.m. A previous version of this story incorrectly said that Jerry Weintraub was also working with Galloping Horse. THR regrets the error.