Hong Kong Filmart: Brisk Sales Hit Market

Gavin Hellier/Jai/Corbis
Hong Kong

Hollywood-based Arclight Films had sold films to territories across Asia.

Multiple deals were being signed on the floor of a busy second day of Filmart, with Asian buyers as usual dominating business at the region’s biggest market. Hollywood-based Arclight Films had sold films to territories across Asia, with the market only at its halfway stage. 

India’s JDR Films bought Arclight’s Jungle Nest, while Vietnam’s Galaxy Studios had also acquired the title. Arclight also sold Teana 10,000 Years Later to Hong Kong’s My Way Films and Indonesia’s MT Pictures. Wolf Warrior was taken by Viswaas Films for India and by Noori Pictures for Thailand. Elliot Tong, head of Asian sales and acquisitions for Arclight, said the company had signed twice that many deals that it wasn’t able to disclose.

Japan’s Stand Entertainment sold Gaki Rock and Idol Seven Vol.1 & 2 to South Korea’s Mountain Pictures, which Stand’s CEO Shinji Nishimura said was a regular customer.

In the days before Filmart, Paris-based WTFilms picked up worldwide sales of Indonesian film The Golden Cane Warrior, directed by Ifa Isfansyah. WTFilms was showing buyers a trailer of the classical martial arts story, choreographed by renowned Chinese martial artist and actor Hung Yan-yan, which did big business in its home territory, at the Hong Kong market.