Hong Kong Filmart: Korea's MBC Inks 'Island' TV Deals

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Author Christie Hsiao's 'Journey to Rainbow Island' will be adapted into a TV series and stage musical.

Serenity Media Group’s Christie Hsiao has signed a partnership with South Korea’s Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) network to make a TV series and stage musical of her novel Journey to Rainbow Island.

Hsiao believes the Korean deal will be a stepping stone to further sales in Asia. The deal involves the production of a children’s musical TV series, as well as a translation of the novel into Korean. The Korean-language book will come out in October 2015, followed by a stage musical in the first half of 2016. “I have always envisioned Journey to Rainbow Island as an international project that can reach audiences all over the world,” Hsiao tells THR.

“My plan is to develop digital gaming and merchandise based on Journey to Rainbow Island, as well as the film. With the launch of Journey to Rainbow Island in Korea, it is my belief that it will generate success throughout Asia.”

A spokesperson for MBC said it was in talks with major Chinese film companies and distribution on a co-production based on Island. The spokesperson added that the company was particularly attracted to the prospect of using Island as the basis for a theme park. The follow-up book will see the main female character, Yu-ning, travel to Korea and China.

MBC is considering using its links to Hebei TV in China to develop the project there because Island fits well with China’s need for “positive, educational and inspiring content.”

“Our main focus is Journey to Rainbow Island as a global project, not only the book, but we are also interested in other derivative works,” the MBC spokesperson said.