Hong Kong's Edko Films Unveils $30 Million 3D Fantasy Epic 'Monster Hunt'

Bill Kong

Toon director Raman Hui will direct the feature, which has been in development since 2009.

Bill Kong’s Hong Kong-based Edko Films presented its big-budget 3D fantasy adventure Monster Hunt, which will mark the feature debut of animation director Raman Hui (Shrek the Third), at a news conference on Sunday in Beijing.

The cast will include big regional stars such as Bai Baihe (Personal Tailor), Kai Ko (You Are the Apple of My Eye), Jiang Wu (A Touch of Sin) and a CGI character called Woba.

The movie is Hong Kong-born Hui’s Chinese-language and live-action feature directorial debut.

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The movie is based on the Chinese classic supernatural collection of 500 stories called Strange Tales From a Chinese Studio.

“We give this classic tale a new spin by reducing the horror element and reinventing it with family-friendly fantastical characters and settings in an epic style,” Raman told the news conference.

Set in a fictional world where human has raged war against monster for generations, the story begins with the birth of Woba, the last royal bloodline of the monster king, and centers on his quest to bring unity to the two races with the help of characters played by Bai and Kai. Also taking part are Eric Tsang (Infernal Affairs), Sandra Ng (Golden Chicken 3), Yan Ni (A Woman, a Gun and a Noodle Shop) and Wallace Chung (Drug War).

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Previously he was supervising animator and lead character designer for Dreamworks’ Antz, Shrek and Shrek 2, before co-directing Shrek the Third. He also directed short films such as Kung Fu Panda: Secrets of the Furious Five, Scared Shrekless and Puss in Boots: The Three Diablos.

Bill Kong will produce. Also on board the project are production designer Yohei Taneda, costume designer Yee Chung Man, director of photography Anthony Pun, visual effects supervisor Jason H. Snell and action choreographer Ku Huen Chiu, who was nominated at the Golden Horse Awards for Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons.

The movie is reportedly on track for release at the Chinese New Year next year.

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