'Horrible Bosses' Charlie Day: 5 Things You Didn't Know

Jason Merritt/Getty Images
Charlie Day at the "Horrible Bosses" Premiere.

Audiences are rediscovering the actor in his role opposite Jennifer Aniston in the new film, so THR compiled 5 things about about him that may satisfy your curiosity.

Best known for the FX sitcom, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Charlie Day is getting a lot of attention for his turn opposite Jennifer Aniston in their new movie, Horrible Bosses.

In the film, he plays Dale whose overbearing boss, a dentist played by Aniston, can’t keep her hands off him. And the role has made a lot of people wonder if Day has flown under the mainstream radar as he’s spent the last six years not only starring in Sunny, but also as one of its executive producers.

So, The Hollywood Reporter compiled five things you may not know about Charlie Day.

1. His wife is an actress and Sunny fans have met her. Day married actress Mary Elizabeth Ellis in 2006. She has played the role of Charlie’s object of affection, “The Waitress,” on the FX show in 15 episodes, since its first season in 2005. And, yes, she played Amy on NBC’s now-canceled Perfect Couples.

2. He’d do a lot more movies if… the production schedule on Sunny were more flexible. Either way, Day has been able to appear in about four films (including Horrible Bosses) since the series began airing. You can also expect him in the sci-fi flick, Pacific Rim, directed by Guillermo del Toro (Hellboy) out next year. Day says that if they move on to a Season 8 of Sunny, he’d like to make some changes.

"When we finish up the seventh season,” he tells The Philadelphia Inquirer. “if we decide to move forward, I think we'll try to find a way to alter the shooting schedule, so there's more flexibility."

3. His musical side comes from his parents. Day writes some of the music on Sunny and it’s apparently in his blood. His father, Thomas Day, is an English and Music professor at Salve Regina University in Newport, R.I., while his mother, Mary Day is a piano teacher at The Pennfield School, in Portsmouth, R.I.

4. He met Sunny c-star and co-executive producer, Robert McElhenny, on a plane. According to ABC News, the two met on a cross-country flight years ago when they were struggling actors and going after the same part. Awkward? yes. Serendipitous? Double yes.

5. He worries about being funny. Day says that he doesn’t really see himself as a comedian. “I saw myself as a guy who can act funny,” he tells ABC News. “Still when I go on talk shows, I worry that I have to live up to a comedic persona."

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