Horror fans diving into Adult Swim


The numbers don't lie. If you're a horror movie buff, you're probably staying up late watching the oddball animated fare on Adult Swim, too.

According to a recent survey by Nielsen//NetRatings@Plan, about 4.3% of more than 141 million adults in the U.S. with online access have seen a horror movie in theaters during the past 30 days, and 14.4% of online adults have rented a horror flick during the past 30 days.

Of those who rented a horror movie, the top draw on Web is AdultSwim.com, with about 42.6% of them having visited the site during the same period. Among those who had their thrills and chills in a theater, 21.3% visited the Adult Swim site. Among the latest Adult Swim programs likely to appeal to horror aficionados is "Lucy, Daughter of the Devil," which premiered Saturday.

The numbers also show that fans of macabre have an interest in crime and the legal misfortunes of others, with CourtTV.com ranking second among theatrical horror movie viewers at 15% and No. 4 among horror renters at 34.1%. Among theatergoers, visits to Hollywood.com (14.3%), SciFi.com (13.3%) and Movie Tickets.com (13.3%) rounded out the top five. Among renters, StarTrek.com (40.6%), AintItCoolNews.com (35.6%) and SonyPictures.com (33.8%) finished off the top five.