'Horse' production resuming after bombing


CANNES -- Samira Makhmalbaf's latest feature "Two-Legged Horse" is back on track, with production set to resume on the film "quickly," the director and her filmmaker father, Mohsen, who wrote the script, said Friday.

Production was halted in late March after a bomb attack on set left six members of the cast and crew and a number of extras injured. The bomber was declared by ISAF Security Forces as an independent assaulter not associated with the Taliban or al-Qaida.

The Makhmalbafs showed a short documentary showing the explosion to international press at a conference here in Cannes featuring the hand bomb, which exploded into 80 pieces, each piece like a bullet shooting into the crowd. Samira Makhmalbaf gave an emotional account of her experience: "I saw my assistants falling down, I saw the streets filled with blood."

Shooting for the Makhmalbafs' film, produced by their family company the Makhmalbaf Film House and Wild Bunch, was banned by the Iranian government, so the production decided to film in Afghanistan.

The father-daughter screenwriter-director team refused to announce the location of the shoot for the film for security reasons, but Mohsen Makhmalbaf said: "We have to continue quickly because there are small boys in the film, and if we wait until next year they'll have changed too much." But he didn't reveal a specific date.